Robotic Pool Cleaner: save on Power, Water & Chemicals!

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Robotic Pool CleanerRobotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting debris in a bag or cartridge within the cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners have built-in intelligence that ensures they don't get stuck in corners and on steps and provide better coverage than alternative cleaners.
  • Save on power - Robots operate and filter inside the pool. They are completely independent of the pool's main filtration system. The great benefit of this is that water does not have to be pumped through metres of piping through bends, elbows etc. for filtering. Instead, the water is filtered right there in the pool.
  • Save on water - Because robots filter in the water, they remove the debris from the system. This in turn means that the main pool filter unit does not become clogged as quickly, which results in fewer backwashes.
  • Save on chemicals - Robots help to reduce chemical requirements. In Australia the vast majority of pools have suction cleaners that are permanently in the pool and connected. In these circumstances, the skimmer is completely ineffective - the result is that all debris landing on the surface must slowly go through the water, making the water cloudier and also requiring chemicals to control. When a robot is used, the pool's skimmer starts working again. Also, by removing the debris rather than storing it in the pool's main filter, the chemical load is reduced.
  • Less maintenance: Robotic cleaners vacuum and trap pool debris in self-contained compartments or bags. This technique saves excessive backwashing or rinsing the pool's filter, which is needed with suction-style cleaners. 
  • Superior, Systematic & Intelligent Cleaning incorporating thorough Brushing, Scrubbing in addition to a very strong Suction Power
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