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Tupperware's Rock N Serves are probably one of their best inventions! However due care is required when you reheat your food items using a Rock N Serve. Always pop open the vent to allow the steam to escape and aim to reheat food items in the microwave oven at 500watts or 50% power if using a 1000watts microwave oven. This is to ensure that food items are actually being reheated thoroughly and not being cooked again. The seal will also warp if you heat your container at a high temperature.

Personally, I love using the 600ml Medium Shallow containers. This size is great for one person's consumption and is fantastic for storing your leftovers to bring it to work for lunch or for dinner another night. Each container has a line about 1cm below the top edge of the container. If you intend to freeze your food items, always pile up just before the line. This is to allow the air to expand inside the container during freezing stage.

Generally, if you need to reheat the 600ml medium shallow container, if it is straight out from the fridge, about 3-4 minutes is ample. If it is from the freezer, allow 8 minutes, then stir your food items and then reheat it for a further 2 minutes. If you are using the 260ml Mini containers, halve the time as stated above. These mini containers are fantastic for storing and freezing baby food. I use them all the time when my eldest son started on his solids. Let's face it. Who has the time to mash pumpkin and potato everyday? So I usually do a big batch over the weekend and freeze them for the week. 260ml is also about 1-cup size, which is the ideal size for a one-year old starting on solids.

Tupperware has recently phased out Rock N Serves and brought out Vent N Serves in the USA or they are known as Heat N Eat in Australia. The containers are still the same but instead of a plastic rocker vent, a silicon valve is now in place which automatically controls the heating process. However, the same concept of heating temperatures and times still applies.

Well, this is my first review so I hope you find this useful.
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