Rock 'n Serve Hints and Tips

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Are you getting the most from your Tupperware Rock 'n Serve products?  Could you be exposing yourself to some risks?  Look at these handy hints and tips.

  1. There is a special line on the side of your Rock 'n Serve in one corner; it's called the Fill Line.  When you fill the container prior to freezing, only fill it to the Fill Line.  When products freeze, they expand, so if you over fill your Rock 'n Serve, it may damage your container while freezing, damage the lid while reheating, or create a spill in your freezer.
  2. Before placing a full Rock 'n Serve into your freezer, pop the button open and allow it to cool to room temperature first.  Air contracts when cooled, so cooling a warm container with the button closed will colapse the lid or crack the container.  The added benefit of doing this is you'll also lower your power bill and make your freezer last much longer.  See my guide on fridges.
  3. Always place a Rock 'n Serve in contact with the floor of the freezer and stack your other Rock 'n Serves on top.  It is very important that your containers are placed on a known flat surface.  What often happens is people put their Rock 'n Serve on an uneven surface, such as a packet of peas; when the peas and the Rock 'n Serve contents freeze, the Rock 'n Serve acts like a toboggan - next time you open the freezer door it comes skating out onto the hard floor below, and shatters.  Unfortunately, shattering is not covered by any Tupperware guarantees.
  4. Rock 'n Serves are made out of super high quality polycarbonate which lets through 100% of microwaves, so they only need to be reheated on 50% power in your microwave.  Keep in mind that reheating food on 100% will damage the food, alter the taste of the food, and will give you hot spots through the food.
  5. After reheating your food on 50% power, it's really important to let your food stand for HALF the original cooking time.  This enables the heat to transfer evenly through the food while the food continues to cook while standing.  If you've ever burnt yourself, doctor's advice is to immediately apply ice to the burn to stop your skin from continuing to cook.  Retained heat in your skin will continue to burn you in the same way that food left to stand will continue to cook.
  6. Although Rock 'n Serves are plastic, they still retain heat, so use an oven mitt to remove them from the microwave.
  7. Once your food is ready to eat, don't pop the button back down; as it cools it could suck your lid back down and damage your seals.  Also, if you have a container with corners, such as a square or oblong, release all 4 corners before removing the lid; this will make the lid easier to take off and will reduce the risk of covering yourself in hot food if the lid releases suddenly.
  8. Lastly, peel the lid off by the side facing away from your body, this will reduce any chance of steam burns to your forearms.

Enjoy your Tupperware :)

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