Ron's Guide to Inkjet Cartridges

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My name is Ron Bloom.  I came to Australia from London U.K. in 1964.  In 1970 I took a computer Engineering course with a large Computer Company called Control Data.  In 1972 I graduated as a Computer Engineer.  Over the years computers changed.  Much smaller and much more powerful. My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 which was about as useful as a calculator unless you bought the games which you could load in by magnetic tapes (no disc drives  for a personal computer in those days).  But the games were very basic and soon after this came the Apple and the Commodore.  But it was not until IBM brought out the PC or Personal Computer that they really took off.  Cheap copies of the PC soon appeared and software was becoming availble in ever growing numbers.   But it was Microsoft that really gave it a push because with Microsoft Windows the PC was now available to people who had never used a computer before and the ever increasing titles of software becoming availble made it a machine not only suitable for business but to the average home where it could be used for writing letters, keeping the family budget, playing games.  It ewas obvious at this time that a low priced printer was in need.  In the beginning there were impact printers which fired small wires at a ribbon to form characters.  These printers were known as dot matrix printers.  These were followed by inkjet printers and we all know how the popularity of these excellent little low cost printers has exploded.  The printer market was open to every person who owned a Personal Computer.  For Black & White printing the laser printer is also very popular and here again the price has been tumbling down over recent years.
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