Room Design Tips

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Room Design Ideas for the New Homeowner

Moving into a new house can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Deciding on the interior design is one of the first steps a new homeowner can take to truly make the place feel like home. With a couple of good colour choices, thoughtful placement of furniture and storage solutions or updated decor, it’s possible to make every room in the house a place a homeowner can be proud of.

Lounge/Living Room

The lounge is often the place where the family gather to relax, socialise or receive guests. It should therefore be a place with a warm, inviting atmosphere.
The colour of the walls should complement that of the furniture, and vice versa. Neutral, light colours create a bright and airy space, especially if the room is small or the amount of natural light that reaches the room is limited. Neutral colour schemes are also easy to change with accent colours in the scatter cushions and decor pieces without having to repaint or change the furniture. Larger rooms can get away with darker colours, which will often create a more formal, stately atmosphere.
In many living rooms, the main focal point would be the home entertainment system, so it would make sense to arrange furniture accordingly. A fireplace also makes for a great focal point. Large decor pieces such as paintings will also draw the eye, but it’s essential to keep it balanced.
Slipcovers for couch cushions are always useful. These covers come in cotton, linen, suede and leather and are easy to clean. They also make it easy to quickly change the look of a seat or sofa. Ottomans are great multipurpose pieces of furniture for the living room. Some can store blankets or magazines, serve as seats, footrests or coffee tables.

Kitchen/Dining Room

Due to all the dishes and cooking utensils, a kitchen tends to clutter up quickly, something that needs to be avoided using good design.
The colour scheme of a kitchen will greatly depend on the type of kitchen cupboards that are installed. Modern white cupboards with black granite tops will lend it well to neutral greys or even bright, bold colours. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be painted for a more retro appearance or be retained for a more rustic look.
Built-in appliances will save some space, and so will extra storage solutions such as retractable drawers or storage units that will hide ingredients, cutlery or dishware. A kitchen usually doesn’t have a lot of space for wall decorations, but a black memo board, some small paintings or vinyl wall lettering can add an interesting decorative touch.


The bed is usually the main focal point in the bedroom and can be further accentuated by an interesting headboard, accent wall behind the bed or poster or painting above the bed. A grouping of scatter pillows will create a soft, romantic look.
Positioning the bed in the middle of the room makes a large room appear smaller, whereas tucking it in the corner in a small room makes that room look bigger. In a very small room, a futon bed can save space as it can double up as a couch when not in use.
A soft rug right next to the bed can add a decorative touch and provide comfortable footing when getting out of the bed, and if the walls and flooring are kept neutral, it is easy to occasionally change the look of the room by changing the curtains and bedding. Lighting is equally as important for the right ambiance. Fairy lights can be draped around the curtains or used behind a blank canvas above the bed to double up as decoration while providing light. Reading lamps also come in numerous styles.


Bathrooms are small, which is why bright colours usually dominate in this space. Blue, green and grey accent colours are also popular, as are more neutral shades of brown. The mirror is an important object in the bathroom and can also serve as an interesting piece of decor. Designers often opt for a large mirror to create a sense of space, an interesting frame to give it an arty or classic look or an unusual shape to draw the eye.
Bathroom accessories, towels and rugs are also a way to add some colour to the bathroom and repeat the theme. A homeowner who doesn’t mind taking on a DIY project can create a mosaic pattern on the wall to add a creative touch.

How to Buy Home Interior Items on eBay

eBay’s sellers have plenty of beautiful home decor items up for sale at great prices. Most of them are available from the Home and Garden tab on the home page. From there, users can browse through the different menu options or simply type a description of the item they are looking for in the search box. A search can be further refined by sorting items by price, seller or brand. Buyers should be sure to check for shipping rates and reviews from other buyers before committing to a purchase.

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