Roswell Books: Out of Print and Hard to Find

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One of the most popular and endearing cult teen shows of late was the WB/UPN series Roswell. It spawned unprecedented fan reaction that saved it from cancellation not just once but twice. In the years since 2003, the third book series spawned from the show, has become a hot collectors item. Many sellers have exploited fans for what are advertised as hard to find or out of print titles, but these are actually still readily available for affordable prices. Here is a need to know guide on purchasing Roswell books from ebay sellers, with information on the reasons behind the high prices of these books, a little of the history behind them.

When Roswell's second cancellation was announced the declining 'Loose Ends' book series was terminated. However when Roswell was picked up for a third season, a new book series was launched. The first four titles, 'Shades', 'Skeleton's in the Closet', 'Dreamwalk' and 'Quarantine' took place during the summer between seasons two and three. These books are thus an important 'bridge' between the two very different seasons.

 The fans were unable to save Roswell from cancellation a third time, and on May 14th 2003, the last episode titled 'Graduation' aired on UPN. However, the adventures of the 'Pod Squad' continued in 4 intertwining, official post season 3 novels, 'A New Beginning', 'Nightscape', 'Pursuit' and 'Turnabout'. Due to a short sighted publishing company, and the aforementioned endearing nature of the show, the small print run of these books were not nearly enough to cope with demand. The print run for the final book was the lowest of the series and was retired while previous books in the series were still in print. 
This has let to inflated prices for these books, in some cases auctions closing at over US$300 for a single title!

International sellers, especially from Australia, regularly list Roswell books with no reserve listings.

'Quarantine' by Laura Burns is available as an e-book from major online book retailers. The title 'Pursuit' is still in stock for some ebay retailers.

In most cases however, persistance is the key to successfully winning a Roswell book. Do not be discouraged, as the true final chapters of Roswell are indispensable for any fan.

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