Royal Doulton Character/toby jugs

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Royal doulton has been around for years and there have been some great character/ toby jugs made . But there is one thing that stands out, that many people don't know much about royal doulton is the earthenware and Kingsware (english Translucent china) .

Earthenware has been the back bone of royal doulton charactor/toby jugs and still is to date . But there was a period where english Translucent china was made and that was the years of 1968 to 1973 a very short lived period where great toby jugs made.

What makes English Translucent China such a wonderful jug is that it's wonderful colours as they are much more brighter then Earthenware and also the fact that given a correct light (candle globe) will make the jug light up like a christmas tree. But there is cases where you will do this to Earthenware jugs and they will slightly light up but only in the weak points in the jugs such as around the eyes in towards the nose and the mouth area are the weak spots for Earthenware jugs. The English Translucent China is 1/2 inch smaller then Earthenware and it is much more lighter too. There is also a major difference in the price value of these jugs from the Earthenware to English Translucent China, an example of this is, Sairey Gamp in the Large size - Earthenware $100.00 USD compared to the English Translucent China $225.00 USD also there will be a size difference of 1/2 inch example Earthenware Sairey Gamp Large 6 1/4 inches compared to English Translucent China 6 inches. This is why is it always better to ask an seller of Character Toby jugs for the exact height measurements to the jug.

Just recapping that English Translucent China was made only from 1968 - 1973 and there were limited amount of Character / Toby Jugs made in that period thats why English Translucent has more value due to the short producation then Earthenware and it's more sort after today.


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