Royal Doulton Stamp on Character / Toby Jugs

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For people that are new to buy Royal Doulton Character / Toby jugs and for the people that ain't too fimilar with the stamp, I would like to let you about it.

When you are looking to buy, purchase or bid on an Royal Doulton piece always check the stamp as you will need to know whether the stamp is a first's or a second's.

To know whether the piece is a first quality piece, the backstamp in the middle of the lion logo will be all intact. For a piece to marked as a second's, you will find that the middle of the lion logo will be scratched out or just scratched through.

Normally there is nothing wrong with the piece but on most cases you can't even tell that there is a fault. You may somethings find a crack, small chip or the paint job isn't that great in some spots.

I myself prefer not to buy these pieces as I would prefer first quality items only for the reason that maybe one day when you or someone else sells the piece you will get a better price for it if it is a first quality not a seconds.

As a buyer always check with the seller if they haven't shown a picture of the base to find out whether it is a first or seconds especially if you are buying from overseas mainly in the UK.

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