S9920 Android 4.1 Dual SIM 3G Smartphone

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S9920 Android 4.1 Dual SIM 3G Smartphone - Review Guide

Is this S9920 Android Chinese phone going to blow your mind? It's been advertised as such.   Short answer is NO!
This Guide is here because the eBay seller insists the Camera on this phone is of a High Quality 12 Megapixel. It's Not! The camera is as good as a 2 Megapixel old school digital camera.
Also, their advert is written in such a way that compares this phone to the top end smart phones such as the latest Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone in specifications and description. There's is absolutely no comparison!

So my (our) experiance began after my wife had to return her iPhone for work reasons.. She's had the iPhone 4s for almost 2 years and she was very fond of it. The responsiveness, Camera, easy operation, and battery usage was all well accepted by her. Have you ever heard of  "Passing the Wife Test"?
Looking around for a phone that would come close to the iPhone experience but by no means having to surpass it I found this S9920 Android Phone on eBay. All seemed fine. Good Specs, Outstanding Camera Specs, and even Googled and found a couple of YouTube videos from other Chinese Sellers..  OK, it all looked like a great buy for less then $150.  From this my wife purchased this phone. a Week later it arrived. Nicely packaged with Screen protector, Outer case and the usual power supply, USB cable, and ear phones.  Great! So far so good.
Well, after trying it out it became obvious this phone was Nothing Like what was advertised. The biggest disappointment was the camera quality.
So after communicating with the seller (using pigeon English so they can understand) including screen shots and photos that bought us much frustration because of their denial, I have to show the eBay world of how these phones are of poor quality and it shouldn’t be advertised as 12 Megapixel cameras.
Here is my Picasa link that will show the poor quality of this phone camera

S9920 Review

Item Description starts off with "Be prepared to have your mind blown.." 
LMAO, at this point It's going to be a bogus over rated item. The only thing it's done to my mind is give me a headache dealing with such incompedent eBay seller. They seriously think this phone is of 12 Mega Pixel Quality.

The description continues to the camera
"A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case a jaw dropping 12.0 MP. ;) Now, you can make memories last in the clearest most vibrant form possible; pictures! The quality of the 12.0 MP Software Dual Camera shows in the stunningly beautiful and clear pictures as it has LED flashlight and autofocus ensure picture perfect images. Not forgetting, a whooping 3.1MP front camera that allows for self-portraits and other fun camera functions." 
Seriously! Jaw Dropping!! My Samsung Galaxy SIII has a Jaw Dropping Camera, and So does my Wife’s iPhone4s..  This S9920 phone is nothing like what's been advertised! In less than a thousand words I can enplane the picture quality of this Android phone camera. In fact I could use just One word with four letters. I'm sure you can guess what work I would use.

Wooping it isnt

Here is the the advert..  With my reply added in.

Be prepared to have your mind blown.  <- Yeah Right,

Behold the s9920 Smartphone! If you want a sleek, slim and stylish phone WITHOUT busting open your bank account, keep on reading. Resembling the latest Samsung, the Android s9920 Smartphone looks like it and works just as well, if not better! And it is incredibly AFFORDABLE!   <- Here they compare this s9920 to the latest Samsung phone, being the S4, and can work better! What a load of lies. I can assure you this phone is nothing like the Samsung S4, or the S3. I own an S3. This phone is nothing like either.

This exquisitely designed piece of modern technology is everything you need right there in the palm of your hand. It runs on the ever so yummy Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System, the latest version of the Android platform for phones, tablets, and more. It builds on the things people love most about Android — easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity — and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.Simple, beautiful and beyond smart. <- Everything here is true about Android but this phone lets it down considerably. There's enough lag when trying multi tasking you'll restart the phone numerous times a day just to get it responsive again. Don't do multi tasking with this phone. It'll drive you mad.

Go crazy with the UNLIMITED downloading access from the Google Play Store and treat yourself to a myriad of applications to have fun with. Besides having a delicious name, the Jelly Bean features a whole host of upgrades including smoother handling, a fresh look, a more intuitive User Interface (UI) and camera enhancements rivalling today’s latest phones. Everything feels fast, fluid, and smooth. With buttery graphics and silky transitions, moving between home screens and switching between apps is effortless, like turning pages in a book. Once you know what the Jelly Bean can do with your new Android s9920, you'll want to hopscotch right to the purchase button and make this phone the smartphone of your choice. <- Don't hit the Purchase button unless you can deal with a typical cheap Chinese backyard quality phone. Yes, Google Play Store has thousands of apps for Android but this phone won't run them like a Samsung Galaxy or any mid to top end Android phone. You've been warned. Save your money till you can afford a used Samsung or iPhone.

The driving force behind this little jewel is the 1 GHz MTK 6577 Dual Core High Speed Processor.Note the term HIGH SPEED. This also means multi-tasking is a piece of cake. Revel in the idea of jumping from app to app with a gentle graze of your finger. If you are someone who is always on the go, you can get ahead of everyone in the rat race with the World Wide Web at your service. How? It has Wi-Fi support and its 3G access gives you ultimate connectivity to the world outside supporting applications like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and a whole lot more! You won’t just get ahead, you are a sure win. <- Running a benchmark, I could only get Half the Score of my Samsung S3. nuf said.

It’s slim and wide 4.0inch IPS display screen makes it a pleasure to play games, watch videos and surf the net. Having an IPS (In Plane Switching) display screen basically means greatly increased vertical viewing angles. When coupled with the high brightness and contrast of the glare type displays, colour reproduction is almost perfect. Truly high definition at its best! So tilt your phone to any angle you want, and we ensure crystal clear clarity at every glance! It’s a phone that will surely add a little pizzazz to your entire look. Not just that, one more thing that adds to your gaming and browsing enjoyment is the capacitive WVGA multi-touch screen so everything is at your fingertips. LITERALLY. <- It's a nice easy to handle sized phone, but that's about it. Screen quality is ok for a cheep phone, but don't go overstating what you would like the screen to be. Bottom line is the Screen is Fair not Great.

It has also has built in GPS along with EPO assistance to speed up positioning. Never be misguided in trying to get anywhere again. With the added advantage of a 3 way gravity sensor, look at the map at all angles because you can tilt and move your phone any which way you choose. The phone moves as you move! <- The GPS takes over 5 minutes to lock into a satellite and can be patchy. Be prepaired to chew up the battery within an hour or two if using GPS. The 3 Way Gravity sensor is really just a 2 way screen auto rotate.

The Dual SIM Standby makes it so easy for you to juggle calls and such with the simple transition between two different SIM cards. This will ensure you are well on top of your game, regardless if you are at work or at home. <-They don't mention the Dual SIMs are of different format. 1 is a Nano Sim the other is a Micro Sim. Only the Nano Sim is 3g compatible.

A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case a jaw dropping 12.0 MP. ;) Now, you can make memories last in the clearest most vibrant form possible; pictures! The quality of the 12.0 MP Software Dual Camera shows in the stunningly beautiful and clear pictures as it has LED flashlight and autofocus ensure picture perfect images. Not forgetting, a whooping 3.1MP front camera that allows for self-portraits and other fun camera functions. <- One four letter work is sufficient to express the 3hit quality of the camera..  Ha, I already used that word :p

In essence, this stylish Smartphone Android 4.1 MTK 6577 Dual Core 4.0 Inch Screen that accommodates 2 SIM cards simultaneously enables you to keep up with your communication needs. It offers a varied and fantastic multimedia experience. A cutting edge design that is enriched with out of this world features. It is also equipped with a powerful camera system that captures with real-life like quality and precision. It comes with an expandable memory and supports a variety of languages. <- BLAH Blah blah..  full of baloney

We ensure you 100% customer satisfaction along with 1 year warranty! Wait are you still waiting for? Get ahead of everyone and gift yourself or a loved one with the s9920 today! <- This statement saved us from loosing all of the money that was paid for this phone. However to send the phone back, the postage cost us $35

If you are fine with a over-rated Chinese back yard quality phone and believe for $140 it'll blow your mind, even after reading my experiences here then go for it.
If I have put caution on you purchasing this phone, All I can advise is to save another $140 and purchase a used Samsung S3. Since the new S4 are now available there are a few users of the older S3 upgrading to the S4. A good opportunity for you to get a Quality Real Smart Phone. Oh, and dare I say it, there's always a used iPhone  :)

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