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While selling on Ebay can be profitable and fun, a big chunk of your profits are going to go to Ebay listing fees and any extra's you want to enhance your  description. I've already covered on my other guide, this guide is devoted to let you know a little known secret HOW you can pay less when you list AND buy any item on Ebay.
You see, Ebay uses other websites to spread the word about their website. They therefore give this website a part of their profits on YOUR selling fee and this website in turn gives YOU a chunk of that! It's a win-win situation for everyone, more exposure, more customers, more profits for everyone! In addition this company can also save you money on other websites whenever you purchase from them. Items which we all use and need. Have I piqued your curiosity? OK! Great! The name of the website is called !!
Just go to their website, sign up and mention me (JUDAICAMAN)  as your referring member and you can save on Ebay up to 36% of your listing fees! Other websites that you can save money on every time you buy something are:
Ann Klein, Apple store, AT & T wireless, Athleta, Avon, Babes R Us, Banana Republic, Barnes & Nobles, Best Buy, Best Western, Bloomingdales, Borders, Brooks Bros,,  Dell computers, Fingerhut, gamefly, J & R, Hammechar Schlammer, Kmart, Kodak, Lenovo, Logitech, Office Depot, Quickbooks, get the picture.
You can also MAKE MONEY YOURSELF by referring other customers as well! Every time they spend on various items supporting this site you get a small chunk of their purchase. Again, a win-win situation making everyone happy and putting a few extra coins in your pocket every month!
Thanks for looking at my guide and please browse my other guides for other helpful hints on internet selling, household hints and some other really interesting stuff! Every vote counts so PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE help me, won't you?  :)

PS If you sell on other Ebay sites such as on Ebay UK or Ebay Canada, you save money too! Just always click thru to the BigCrumbs site before you sell or buy anything on ebay or any of the other sites that participate in this great idea!
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