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Tips to saving money on postage when shopping on ebay - 1# BE AWARE OF FAIR POSTAGE PRICES - genuine/ reasonable sellers should always be able to provide you with prepaid postpacks. Prepaid postpacks come in 2 sizes - under 500g which should fit up to 3 lightweight items, should cost you $5 and a handling fee of 50c to $1 is fair and reasonable. A postpack up to 800g/ 1kg is $9 and should fit any heavy clothing items ( ie. jeans / even 2 pairs of jeans). Express post is also available in prepaid packs, which cost about $7.50 for under 500g and $10 or so for the bigger ones. 2# ASK TO COMBINE POSTAGE when buying on ebay it is definately better value to buy more than one item from the same shop / seller. Some sellers ( such as TIE DYE HEAVEN) offer free combined postage ( at our shop, you only pay for the post pack and then fill it up!) and most will offer you a special discount on postage with the more items that you buy. Do not just assume that your seller will do this as I have been caught out paying $5 postage for each item of clothing!!! 3# CHECK HANDLING FEES TIE DYE HEAVEN does not charge handling fees though many places do, and unfortunately they can be excessive , so ask! ask! ask! 4# ALWAYS CHECK POSTAGE PRICES IF THEY ARE NOT READILY VISIBLE if a seller has not indicated a postage price in the description or the listing,you can't be sure what they are going to charge you, and once you have made a bid or 'buy it now' its too late to back out as you have entered in to a contract and they can charge you whatever they like! don't assume that all sellers are fair! 5# REPORT INFLATED PRICING TO EBAY you can do something if you are charged $50 on a $5 postage item - contact the seller, then contact ebay or as a last resort, be very clear about the inflated postage when you leave your feedback! If you are in doubt about whether you are being charged fair postage - look up the australia post website which provides a postage calculator and only requires that you kow your post code and the approximate weight of what you are purchasing. Hope this helped! Allira
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