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Print out this convenient checklist - for each gift album you are creating - to help you stay organised and to gather the materials you'll need to successfully complete a gift scrapbooking in a weekend.

* Start with a theme

(  )  decide on the theme of the album

* Select photos

(  )  gather all photos to be included, make any copies and size adjustments needed

(  )  list all the journaling to be included

* Choose an album

(  ) select the type and style of album best suited to your project

* Gather tools and supplies

(  ) gather all tools and supplies

(  )  make sure all tools are clean and in good working condition

(  )  shop for any needed papers or supplies

* Put it all together

(  )  make sure you have a clean, organised workspace

(  )  arrange all supplies for easy availability

(  )  consider making a title page

(  )  determine the album's layout or arrangement

(  )  loosely assemble the album's contents and insert onto pages

(  )  sketch the layout for your album to determine where all pictures and journaling will go

(  )  assemble and finish your gift scrapbook in a weekend

* The gift of giving

(  )  put some though into a creative presentation of the gift

(  )  include a dedication or author's biography

(  )  wrap the gift

(  )  pack for shipping

(  )  give the gift and enjoy the happiness!





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