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The key to completing a gift scrapbook in a weekend is organisation.  Once you have determined the album's theme, selected photos, chosen an album and gathered tools and supplies, let the creativity begin!

First, consider a title page.  Will you decorate the album's cover as a title page or will the album's first page be the title page?  Whatever you decide, the title page or album cover is a good place to introduce the colour and design elements that will run through the entire album.

Next. determine the album's layout or arrangement.  Will photos be presented in chronological, sequential or random order?  Will you feature one photo and one quote per album page spread or you will weave a story throughout the entire album?  Working in spreads, loosely place photos and mock journaling blocks on the album pages in the order you's like them to appear.  If possible, sketch your layout.

Finally, use your layout to help create a repetitive paper design or to guide the placement of your page accents while focusing  on the theme of the album.  Pair the photos with papers and page accents for each album page, opting for placements that look balanced and draw focus to the photos.  When you're happy with your album's layout and page design scheme, assemble your album working in spreads to keep a consistent flow going.  Don't fill the album too full; pages should lie flat when it is opened.

The designs in this book can serve as a guide or starting point for inspiration.  You can adapt most themes, designs and ideas to fit your own personal style as well as that of the loved one and friends in your life.



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