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SECURITY OF YOUR COINS    Belive it or not  some of the most simplest steps can go a long way to protecting your valuable collection;For example  pride of ownership in your collection can leed to your own downfall the worst thing to do is show your coins to friends, neighbours,or at that b,b,q party you have for a few close friends,its not usually someone close but someone who has overheard a conversation & just happens to be in the light finger trade.So look upon your investment as an investment,you wouldnt take friends to your bank to show them your savings!.sssshhhh mums the word.another security leak is your trusty letter box most collectors subscribe to coinshops & varieties of news letters & recieve many postal packages in the mail. Eventually someone may pick up on this pattern,so for the cost of $55 to $80 you can get a,not alot of money for peace of mind.Sure we all Know about hi tech security such as alarms,safes & monitoring equipment it seems the more you know the cheaper some of these items get especially the do it your self products ,they are all great to have but each collector can gauge this out for them selfs according to personal needs.There are also very cheap solutions such as deadlocks window bolts & inexpensive alarms & door or window sensors for around $25 to $100 (battery opp)which give off 120db of ear piercing sound once sensor has detected movment with a bit of luck it should scare hell out of the bugger & push his little brain towards panic mode. (desired effect).      Again thanks for looking.    

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