SELLERS How to reduce postage costs on CDs DVDs & tapes

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Minimising your postage costs will make your bottom line (item cost + postage cost) more competitive, and thereby attract more bids.  Australia Post prices quoted below were correct as of 18.10.2008. Australia Post pricing sheets are available at all Australia Post outlets - the pink sheet for within Australia and the blue sheet for International postage prices.

Post your CDs, DVDs and cassettes in the Australia Post B2 non-padded tough postage bags - $1.00 each over the counter at all Australia Post outlets.  These are strong enough to transport CDs, DVDs and cassettes, and are thin enough to send as a "letter". 

WITHIN AUSTRALIA - Only $1.10  postage for 125g or less, or $1.65 from 126g to 250g. (Check the latest price at the Australia Post website.)

FOR REST OF WORLD - $4.10 for up to 125g, and $6.15 for 126g - 250g. (Check the latest price at the Australia Post website - Make sure you fill out the customs form which has green print and post at a Post Office - If you post in a street posting box, your item will not go to the destination - The Post Office staff must see your identity - eg. driver's licence before they accept your item, and they will take your item after you've paid.

The glue on these cardboard envelopes/bags are very strong - There's no need to staple, tape or glue with another type of glue - Just peel off the backing tape and press down.  Make sure you have everything inside, though - To reopen the bag is very difficult without destroying it.

You can send up to 2 CDs in these bags - They are just large enough - make sure the CDs don't overlap, though - You need to keep the total thickness down to 10 mm.  The CD jewel case protects the CD disc - I have only had about 0.3% failure rate, and even then the CD is protected - a new jewel case only costs about 50 cents - you can send a new one to the buyer if they complain - You'll only need to do this very rarely.

CD single cases are thinner and almost always under 126g  - so the postage is the minimum rate.

The B2 bags also can hold more than 2 cassettes - but make sure you pack them so that they cannot overlap - Keep the thickness at 10mm.

For thicker items, use Australia Post prepaid plastic bags.  You won't need to buy an extra envelope, and the glue is even stronger than that on the cardboard post bags/envelopes.  Just make sure the item will fit totally inside the bag, and pad it appropriately to protect the item/s.  Two sizes are available - 500g for about $5.50 and 3kg for about $9.60. (Check the latest price at the Australia Post website -

DVDs are also just thin enough to use the B2 cardboard post bags - but you can only fit one per bag!  The DVD case protects the actual DVD disc very well whilst in transit.


When you go to the Post Office,

1. Make sure they don't overcharge you - Some Australia Post workers don't bother to check the thickness of the package, and charge you as though the item was over 10mm thick - Don't be scared to ask them whether the bag is thin enough and light enough for the minimum rate.  They can put it through their gauge to check.

2. Make sure they weigh each bag, as sometimes they'll ask whether they are all exactly the same item.

3. If you've already bough the bag previously, in bulk or whatever, make sure they don't charge you for it again!!  I have frequently picked up on Australia Post customer service officers who have charged me as though I have just bought the bag. A good idea, when you first approach the counter, is to CLEARLY tell them, "I've paid for these bags previously".  If you find on the receipt that they have charged you again, don't be frightened to go back and point out their error, and get a refund for the over-charging.

Happy posting!

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