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When I joined Ebay to become a seller, i thought it was going to make me some money - ok - alot of money, and i would totally enjoy the experience. Well, here i am 5 months later, I'm still waiting to earn my first thousand and it has been everything but fun, in fact I'm sure i have sprouted a few grey hairs lately!
My first sale went well and earned me $6.00 clear profit - wow - but I misjudged the post amount and so it ended up costing me $3.25 of my profit.  I learned the hard way, but I was determined to stay honest and charge the right amount which I do, and i recycle packing to keep costs down for my buyers and me too. But i think sometimes I'm too honest and it ends up coming from my pocket.  I'm still waiting to earn my first thousand!
Selling isn't easy, I would call it hard. Above all things about selling is the people you have to contend with, while most are lovely, there are those which you could happily strangle, if you could get your hands on them.  If you are a seller, then you will understand where I am coming from.
The people that frenzy out on heavy bidding, and you are sitting there watching this activity thinking yeah, my first thousand, but when it comes down to the crunch. this person, this frantic specimen of  bidding gone mad, won't come forward with the cash. You remind him, you send him mild threats of negative feedback, you send him last warnings, but to no bloody avail. he has just cost you a valid sale, he has just cost you a final valuation fee and you are now out of pocket, and don't turn to Ebay for help, I'm still waiting to hear anything from them about my valuation fee refund. And if that doesn't hurt enough, then this frantic specimen leaves feedback - negative bloody feedback - so you are left looking like an artful dodger as well.
Another type is the scammer - he buys, he pays and demands insurance, and all of this is fine. So you insure, pack the item well and send it off. then you get his first email demanding to know where his item is, 'it's been 3 days since i paid for it, it should be here by now'- but sir you will have to take that up with Aust Post, not me.... then.... the next email ' my item has arrived and it's broken and i want a refund' - but sir, it is not my fault, it was good when it left my hands.....I demand a refund, and i will leave negative feedback as well....- but Sir you have insurance, claim on that, this really is not my problem....and negative feedback was left and you are left feeling like a right twat because you have delivered this scammer a broken item and won't give him a refund and it's all your fault.......and I'm still waiting to make my first thousand!!!!!!!!
Selling isn't easy, it's not all fun but it's worth the effort. I have learnt that you need the patience of an angel to deal with people, honesty is also a good policy and above all, it's not a good idea to sell yourself short, there are always going to people out there waiting to stab you in the back, more importantly, most people are geniune, are good people and bend to help you if they can see you are genuine. Selling is a challenge.
So, I hear you ask, why am I still selling - I'll tell you why - i'm waiting to make my first thousand.and I do love the people contact - good and bad..........cheers.
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