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  • Selling on ebay can be easy once you get to know your way around. Try looking through the Ebay site first so you can get to know where things are located.
  • Downloading Ebay Turbo Lister can prove to be a great help for thos who are still a little unsure.
  • Try to use words in your listing title that will show up when a buyer is searching for something in particular eg. If a buyer searched for "winter" in the hopes of finding a baby jumpsuit for winter, you could put in.. "Sz00 Jumpsuit, Great for winter, Baby". This way your item will show up with many search words.
  • You could also add more information to your title using the subtitle, this will show up underneath your main titile.
  • Some handy abbreviations to use in your title or listing include... BNWT = brand new with tags, BNWOT = brand new without tags, BNIB = brand new in box, SZ = size, INCL = including or includes.
  • Be sure to provide as much information on your items as possible, especially if they are large items ( include weight and measurements if possible ).
  • Try to calculate postage costs as accurately as possible, I suggest using the Australia Post website, there you will need to put in your postcode, the destination postcode and the weight and measurement of your item... After this you will be given all postage options via Aust. Post with the prices relevant to each one. If your item is too large to be sent via Aust. Post, try researching courier options... The further your item can go, the more interested buyers you will get. If your item is for pickup only, incluse the pickup suburp and postcode in your listing, otherwise you will get people asking.
  • Add pictures to your listing... It's easy to do with a digital camera or scanner. Buyers like to see what they are buying so try to make the picture as clear as possible... and explain the item as best you can.
  • Try to accept as many payment options as possible, buyers like to see that there are plenty of payment options available, including PayPal.
  • Answer any questions as soon as possible to clear up any confusion an interested buyer may have, and try to be polite with everyone.
  • Ebay fees are payable by every seller, the amount will vary as to how many listings you have, how many pictures you insert and what other options you use, such as Bold Title, Gallery, Highlight etc. The best way to pay your fees is to set up a direct debit from your bank account or credit card so that your fees will be deducted automatically every month, 5-7 days after you receive your invoice via email.
  • Opening an Ebay store will prove beneficial if you have an ongoing list of items to sell as Ebay fees are reduced for store owners. You can design your own store front page, include information about yourself and your store, including what type of items you sell and customise your store categories to suit.
  • Have a browse through Ebay to see the endles opportunities there are for sellers AND buyers, but keep a note pad handy incase you want to write down any information.
  • As you continue selling more and more, you will find it easier every time you go back to sell anothe item.
  • The most improtant part of all is to enjoy Ebay to the fullest extent and have fun.

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