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A few pointers on how to achieve professional looking listings in the clothing and accessories sections. Encouraging repeat customer and higher selling prices,and great feedback, which ultimately is what all sellers are looking for.

1-Always ensure the clothing you are selling is looking its best, wash in quality detergents for second hand listings and use quality fabric softner too- a quality sweet smelling garment will encourage repeat customers- I like to use SOFTLY for items which need a wash or freshen up.Nothing worse than recieving something in poor condition or smelling of pets, cigarette smoke or last weeks cooking!! Ewwww- would you like to open that package?

2.  De-pill and fluff, Repair loose buttons, soak stains, Iron out creases before photographing.

3. Take a GOOD photograph-
A picture is worth a thousand words. Most of us use Digital cameras these days- obviously a cost effective option-Remember,a great benefit is that its not costing you for film, so take lots of pictures, try flash on and flash off. How does garment look best??  Dont waste your screen space with long distance shots,make sure your garment takes up the whole frame- Use your zoom if you have one- maybe some close up of the detail the garment may have. The Best & Quickest way to get a good photo without loosing the garments shape is to lay it flat on the floor- use a sheet as a background- grey or aqua blue is perfect for most garments.  So look down on your garment- centrally if possible, photograph back front and any detail.

4- Writing up your description of your garment should explain all the things you would want to learn if you were shopping in a store and not online- What is it made from?,What size is it? Is it a true sizing? Colour?(screens vary)  What fabric is it? How does it feel? Where was it made? How much was it when new (if you know).
A truthful description of condition if it is like new, good or maybe just fair condition. Remember:If your buyer is dissapointed it will reflect in your feedback.
Answering these questions in your listing ensure less questions when listing is active.  Main questions are with size for pants are inside leg, waist.  Tops generally width and underarm seam. If you have time to add this to your listing it will save questions later.

5-When auction is finished sent your Invoices through your MY EBAY promptly. Posting your items should be done same or following day after your buyers payment is received. Mark item as payment recieved, posted, and leave a glowing feedback for your happy purchaser. Treat your buyer just as you would like to be treated when purchasing on Ebay :-)

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