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Ok I have seen so many people newbies and pro's (i.e power sellers or sellers who have been selling for yrs) It amazes me at the fees people are paying when its not needed.

Acouple of quick tips is.

 1..Instead of listing an item for $50 and paying fees of $1.50 list the item for $49.99 it only costs you 75cents to list, its still $50 that people will pay you..

2nd tip is DON'T list for $20  list for $19.99 it will only cost you 50cents in listing fees instead of 75cents.

You may think oh why bother saying this but think about it, if you list 100 things and are saving 75cents per item thats $75 of listing fees. by lowering your item only 1 cent to start with it COULD save you alot in listing fees.

Its the same as listing an item for $400 list for $399.99 (its still $400 but will save you about $2 in listing fees). The money you save on these fee's you could even add a Gallery or a buy it now price.

Thats one friendly lil tip I am offering to newbie sellers or anyone who's taken the time out to read this quick little guide.

  2nd tip which is great that ebays changed their system and now it saves me Hrs of sitting at my pc ( i can do listings or re lists now in less than 5mins)
as you may know you are entitled to a re-list credit if the item sells the 2nd time around? ok well you are but hopefully i can explain this enough for you to understand or take note and see what i mean.

 If you click on UNSOLD ITEMS to the left of your My Ebay page  you will notice that all the items you haven't sold are in their. some will say sell similar and some say Re-list.

The ones that say Re-list means you are entitled to credits if the item sells so just tick all the little empty boxes on the ones you want to list (that say re-list) scroll to the bottom and hit Re-list.you will notice next time you go into the unsold items page they will have a blue circle with an arrow,which means they were re listed , you can then tick all them boxes and delete them.

The items that say Sell Similar means you are NOT entitled to a credit if it sells the next time, there for you would tick all the little empty boxes on them ones, and choose sell similar at the bottom..This will class these ones as a 1st time list again so if they dont sell now you will be entitled to the free credit if you have to re list them next time.

now it will get confusing and you wont know what you have or haven't listed as a sell similar so what i do is i open up 2 pages of the Unsold items and the tick all the ones i want to re-list in both screens, one i will re-list and once they are done , i will go to the other page/tab and then hit delete it will delete all them sell similar items i just re listed again.its not a bother to much if you use the re list option because they will have that blue arrowed circle which means they have been re listed.

This has saved me alot of time since this new thing has come into place and I hope it will save others also. the bonus of this is I should (i hope stuff up and list and sell items i no longer have) and if for example i have ten of one item, i can just keep re listing or sell similar till they are all gone. (the only down side to it though is i have to go through all my stock and get it listed, this will take some time but now i know how to do things easier its going to give me more time to get away from ebay)

If you think I have given you a couple of great tips then please do mark it as such, if only I knew the first tip when i 1st started on ebay i could have saved thousands in fees ,but not to worry I guess i learn as i go on. If you are not really sure what I am on about and need to be talked through it email me and i can give you a call if you have a land line number (i have viop so its free to ring and i dont mind helping others out)

Good Luck and Happy ebaying to all!!
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