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I just bought my first pair of XT (extended training) shape ups for men and let me tell you, you'll never want to come down cloud 9  after wearing these! The difference between these and a regular pair of shoes or sneakers is NO CONTEST! You really feel like your head is in the clouds. I won't go into the details as to how this shoe was created and the technical stuff, that you can check on the site. I'll just mention that by buying these shoes, you can expect to attain the following benefits (JUST FOR WEARING AND WALKING AROUND WITH THEM!):

Burn more calories

Activate core muscles

Strenghten the back muscles

Tone and firm calf and abdominal muscles

Increase cardiovascular health (I felt this in the first 5 minutes!)

Reduce stress on ankle and knees

Relieve muscle tension and fatigue

Pick up chicks who thought up until know that you were short (haven't verifies this one yet)!

I do NOT recommend running with them because of the thickness of the soles (about 1 to 2 inches) as you may fall when running, but for walking, this is simply the best! See the website for personal stories of people who have had "the experience" wearing these shoes! The manufacturers also recommend that you start using the shoes in the beginning  for just about 45 minutes and then build your regularity using them during the first 2 weeks, with 10 minute increments, depending on your comfort and strength. This is NOT a regular shoe, it's a machine powered by your feet!

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