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Richard Sharpe is the central character in Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series of historical fiction stories. These formed the basis for an ITV television series wherein the character of Sharpe was played by Sean Bean.
Cornwell's series (composed of several novels and short stories) follows Sharpe's progress in the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. He begins in Sharpe's Tiger as a Private in the 33rd Regiment of foot, who then becomes a Sergeant by the end of the book, and an Ensign in the 74th Regiment transferred to the newly formed 95th Rifles as a Second-Lieutenant during Sharpe's Trafalgar. He is gradually promoted through the ranks, finally becoming a Lieutenant Colonel in Sharpe's Waterloo.
The stories dramatise Sharpe's struggle for acceptance and respect from his fellow officers and from the men he commands. Sharpe was born a guttersnipe in the rookeries of London. Commissioned an officer on the battlefield, he leaves his own class behind to survive in an army where officer's rank is usually bought. Unlike many of the officers he serves with, Sharpe knows how to fight.


The Sharpe Novels, especially for a beginner can be hard to grasp.  If you read the earliest publshed first this is the middle of the story sequence.  The publish order was somewhat random around the storyline.  In addition there were three short stories and a character book related to the Sharpe Novel series, but not part of the Novel Series.  To put this in a more understable light I have included the tables below for the books and films in storyline sequence.  The novels can be read out of sequence, they stand alone, but if reading the series it is best to go in order as the story builds up and characters reappear.


( 1)     Sharpe's Tiger            Siege of Seringapatam  1799               Published: 1997
( 2)     Sharpe's Triumph        Battle of Assaye Sep 1803                 Published: 1998
( 3)     Sharpe's Fortress        Siege of Gawilgur  Dec 1803              Published: 1999
( 4)     Sharpe's Trafalgar      Cape Trafalgar  Oct 1805                   Published: 2000
( 5)     Sharpe's Prey             Siege of Copehagen  1807                  Published: 2001
( 6)     Sharpe's Rifles           Invasion of Galicia  Jan 1809               Published: 1988
( 7)     Sharpe's Havoc          North Portugal  Spring 1809                Published: 2003
( 8)     Sharpe's Eagle           Talavera Campaign  Jul 1809               Published: 1981
( 9)     Sharpe's Gold             Destruction of Almeida Aug 1810        Published: 1981
(10)    Sharpe's Escape         Battle of Bussaco  Sep 1810                Published: 2004
(11)    Sharpe's Fury             Battle of Barossa  Mar 1811                Published: 2006
(12)    Sharpe's Battle           Battle of Fuentes de Onoro  May 1811 Published: 1995
(13)    Sharpe's Company      Jan-Apr 1812                                      Published: 1982
(14)    Sharpe's Sword          Salamanca Campaign  Jun-Jul 1812       Published: 1983
          Sharpe's Skirmish       The Tormes  Aug 1812                         Published: 1999 Revised 2002
          A short story by Bernard Cornwell
(15)    Sharpe's Enemy          Portugal  Dec 1812                              Published: 1984
(16)    Sharpe's Honour         Vitoria Campaign  Feb-Jun 1813           Published: 1985
(17)    Sharpe's Regiment       Invasion of France  Jun-Nov 1813        Published: 1986
          Sharpe's Christmas      France/Spain  Dec 1813                       Published: 1994 Revised 2003
          Two short stories
(18)    Sharpe's Siege             Winter Campaign  1814                        Published: 1987
(19)    Sharpe's Revenge        Peace of 1814                                     Published: 1989
(20)    Sharpe's Waterloo       Waterloo Campaign  Jun 1815              Published: 1990
          Sharpe’s Ransom        Normady  Dec 1815                             Published: 1994 Revised 2003
          Short Story
(21)    Sharpe's Devil             Chile 1820-21                                      Published: 1992
          Sharpe's Story {how Sharpe series began and evolved]            Published: 2007


Numbers do not match Novels Series Numbers - refer to Titles (unless Film Only)

  1. Sharpe's Rifles *     Portugal 1809
  2. Sharpe's Eagle        Spain 1809
  3. Sharpe's Gold *       Spain 1813
  4. Sharpe's Battle        Pyrenees Sep 1813
  5. Sharpe's Company   Spain 1812
  6. Sharpe's Sword        France-Spain Border 1813
  7. Sharpe's Enemy       Portugal 1813
  8. Sharpe's Honour      Spain 1813
  9. Sharpe's Regiment   Jun 1813
  10. Sharpe's Siege         Winter 1813
  11. Sharpe’s Mission      France 1813 (Film Only)
  12. Sharpe's Revenge    Toulouse April 1814
  13. Sharpe’s Justice       England Summer 1814  (Film Only)
  14. Sharpe's Waterloo    France 1815
  15. Sharpe’s Challenge  1816 (Film Only)
  16. Sharpe’s Peril          1816  (Film Only)

Those shown * vary significantly from novel.


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  2.  More detail including details on the battles within each novel.
  3. Timelines with extensive historical detail of the timeline and how the novels / films fit in.
  4. The author’s site
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