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Just for the record and as a sideline here?  I buy tons of stuff on eBay.  This could (and often does) amount to thousands of dollars a month - so I know what I'm talking about.
To date?  I've never put anything up for sale.  But that might change in the future.
But back to the heading of this topic, which are SHILL BIDDERS who are (without a doubt) the most dishonest lowest-of- the-low harbingers of free trade - and the absolute BANE of eBay & honest bargain hunters world-wide.  They're the shonky used-car salesmen of eBay - so never feel 'sorry' for them.  They have neither conscience nor remorse.
Okay... how to 'spot' them:

THE MAIN WAY:  Just say you see a great item which nobody has bid on with a 'starting price' of just 99 cents - and which only has a few hours left to go.  You decide that you'd be willing to pay, say, twenty bucks for it.  You key in $20.00 as your 'maximum bid'.  All of a sudden, you notice some prat (obviously, the seller himself/herself using a proxy IP addy & a fake account on eBay - or a silly mate of theirs with a different IP address) bidding in tiny increments as they desperately try to 'guess' what your maximum bid might be.  (Don't forget:  Their end game is to bid just BELOW your 'maximum bid'... which will cost you far more when you eventually 'win' the item.)

Firstly?  One glaringly obvious thing about these shill-bidding fools?    They will never  'automatic bid' like you've just done.  They'll always bid in the smallest increments.  (Tip:  Click to show 'Automatic Bids' - and the genuine bidders will always have these.  The dumb shill-bidders WON'T.  The 'Automatic Bids' of genuine bidders will be grayed out - but you'll still see them.)

Once you see you're being shill-bid?  Don't (and I really mean DON'T) get carried away and enter into a bidding war with them... which is exactly what they want you to do.  Always remember, that they're bidding AGAINST you on their OWN items... so never feel sorry for them.

Often?  If they've stuffed up and have actually (greedily) accidentally bid over your 'maximum bid'?  They'll send you a 'Second Chance Offer', as they've no desire to pay eBay's seller commission on an item that they've just won THEMSELVES.   Asian sellers are notorious for this.  (It's rewarding when you see that they've 'won' their own items... :-)

Things to remember:  Shill bidders aren't just 'dishonest' in dealing with people with regard to artificially inflating the potential selling prices that they can get for their items in a free market.  They're also (more often than not) dishonest regarding what they're trying to sell in the first place.  Don't be surprised to see them trying to sell cheap knock-off goods made in Asia, as genuine Chanel, Versace, Ralph Lauren (etc.,) on additional accounts they have on eBay.  Or that supposedly  'new' item you've just been shill-bid on and managed to 'win'?  Is so worn that it's only fit for the rubbish bin.   Always remember,  that shill-bidders - being the dishonest bunch of twats that they really are - will think nothing of selling you an old (and/or defective, counterfeit) item... often posting photos from a genuine website in their ads to do it.   (Don't bother reporting these shonks to eBay, as eBay really don't want to know.  You're on your own, kiddo.)

FOOTNOTE:  Lots more I could add to this informative little diatribe, but unfortunately?  eBay (in a supposedly ridiculous effort to protect buyers) has made all bidding information 'anonymous'.  They've also done this regarding 'feedback'.   The fact that this just protects shonky sellers/shill-bidders even more, remains a moot point.  As such?  I've NO COMMENT regarding this (as I want this info to STAY UP on this site) although I've had plenty to say to eBay itself on the subject.

End of... ;-)
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