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Like if this Guide is helpful

Confused as to which Edition Of

Microsoft®  OFFICE 2003

suits your needs???

This then GUIDE will help you know
What to Look for, What to Ask
and a guide to how much they are Worth

In Simple terms of the most common editions are:

FULL RETAIL:   Costs $749 - $800

* No Need for previous versions to be installed on your computer. 
* Licensed is for 1 computer.
* Has Certificate of Authenticity
* Comes in Shrink Wrapped Sealed Software BOX (Like Pic)
* Can be updated
* Can be Licensed to use in a Commercial environment or Home use.
(More expensive coz of Liability if it fails and affects your Business, So they say,  I don't know of any Business, who has been successful in getting MS to accept liability !!)

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003
Microsoft Office Word 2003
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Microsoft Office Access 2003
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager


(diff from Student & Teacher)
* Can be updated
*EXACTLY  the same as Full Retail,  the only difference being
*It can't be Licensed to use in a commercial environment.
( MS can't be held Liable if it fails and cause disruptions in your business.  Mmmm )
UPGRADE:  $480 - $500
Must have a previous (legal) version install on your computer first
* Can be updated

OEM:   N/A

Licence Can ONLY (Legally) be sold pre-installed with a computer
*NO original Retail Software BOX, just Sealed Packaged Jewel Case
*Usually FAKE Copies
(Retailers with OEM licence would not risk Jail term)

STUDENT & TEACHER: $170 -$200

Can only be only Licensed for use in an Educational environment, Educator ID is required.
* Can NOT be updated

STANDARD:  $610 - $650

* Contains just the Basic Word Processing Programs
* Can be updated
Microsoft Office Word 2003
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

These are just the main Editions I see Listed, all the editions can be checked out at:

This will probably get me crossed off some people's 
Christmas Card List But I hope it Lifts the Confusion about

Microsoft®  OFFICE 2003

and makes your eBay experience  a Happy One.


~ A Goddess Gift 4 U ~

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