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Like if this Guide is helpful

Confused as to which

Edition of

 Microsoft®  WINDOWS XP

Operating System

suits your needs???

This then GUIDE will help you know

What to Look for, What to Ask

and how much they are Worth.

                 There are TWO MAIN Editions of WINDOWS XP


1: HOME (Green Box)       2: PROFESSIONAL (Blue Box)


AND Four Versions

* No Need for previous versions to be installed on your computer. 
* Licensed is for 1 computer.
* Has Certificate of Authenticity
* In Shrink Wrapped Sealed Retail Software BOX (Like Pic)
HOME  RRP: $325.00               PRO  RRP: $500.00

(from a previous version)
* Must have a previous (legal) version installed on your computer first                     
HOME  RRP: $140.00               PRO  RRP: $300.00
3: OEM:   (Cannot Buy Retail by itself)
* Licence Can ONLY (Legally) be sold pre-installed with a computer package!!!
*NO original Retail Software BOX, just Sealed Packaged Jewel Case
*Sometimes FAKE (Pirated) Copies
(Retailers with a OEM licence would not risk Jail term)
* Buyers can also be prosecuted

* They are pirated copies, (Illegally copied) which you cannot obtain Security updates from Microsoft.
* Not only do you run the risk of being prosecuted by Microsoft, but you leave your Computer vulnerable to Hijacking, Viruses, Worms, Bots, Hackers etc.
* These not only ruin you computer, they can also ruin your very existence by Identity Theft etc.
* If in doubt ALWAYS go to the Microsoft Web Site or Ring a few Reputable Retailer.

This will probably get me crossed off some people's 
Christmas Card List But I hope this has helped Lift the Confusion about
Microsoft®  WINDOWS XP 
so as to help makes your
eBay experience a Happy One.


~ agoddessgift4u ~

Microsoft®  WINDOWS XP  is an Operating System and
Microsoft®  OFFICE XP or 2003 is a Word Processing System.

You Might also want to read my  GUIDE: SIMPLIFYING EDITIONS OF Microsoft®  OFFICE 2003.


JUNE 2006

P.S. ATTENTION TO THE Nasty Member Emailing me:

Thank you for your comments although I shall point out
you failed to state what is incorrect,
therefore your criticisms are NOT constructive.
I am not opposed to someone who
has more knowledge correcting me,
as one can never learn too much.
My guides are NOT written as an expert,
they were written based on MANY MANY hours of  research,
and asking lots of questions from the experts. 
I had lots of emails from people confused over versions and I simplified it.  (AS THE TITLE SUGGESTS?)
The fact that the information came from  THE MICROSOFT website and other MSVP expert sites (check them out) shows your ignorance to the max and you just are being offensive.
OR is MICROSOFT incorrect too?
All I have done is, informed people to be on the look out for shady illegal operators with deals to rip them off...
I fail to understand why it  upsets you, build a bridge.. 
Further more,  to deny me right of reply by emailing me thru one of my just ended auctions, is cowardly and weak.
You need to work on a few of your character flaws
before you start mouthing off at others.
I am affording you the same disrespect you showed me,
don't contact me again.

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