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By now I think we’ve all heard the story behind SKII and the amazing benefits it has for your skin – well I’m here to tell you that in my experience, it’s all true!

If you haven’t heard, the SKIIrange of skincare products was developed after the discovery of the main beneficial ingredient, Pitera. The products are moisture rich and work wonders on dryness and fine lines and general appearance of the skin. The range of SKII products that I personally use, include the SKII Facial Treatment Essence, the SKII Advanced Signs Treatment, the SKII De-Wrinkle Activeeye care and the SKII Whitening Source.

SKII Facial Treatment Essence: This is an amazingly light, thin substance you apply to your clean, dry face, morning and night. It has 90% Pitera so is pretty much a concentrate of the substance SKIIclaims will help replace your old skin cells with new ones (over time) leaving you with radiantly clear skin. I truly love this product – I have been using it for about 6 months now and can definitely notice a difference in my skin.

SKII Advanced Signs Treatment: Ok…not lying….this is the BEST moisturising cream I have ever used! Before I started using this, I was developing quite a few lines and I can tell you, the Advanced Signs treatment has given me a softer, smoother skin – to the extent that people actually now comment on how much better my skin looks. It’s extremely light and feel really nice on the skin (I recommend you go and sample some in store). You’ll love this product!

SKII De-Wrinkle Active: As Above!! The fine lines around my eyes have diminished since using this product without a doubt! Generally my skin feels and looks better. The beauty of the SKII De-wrinkle Active is that you don’t need much at all so it lasts quite a long time, even using it morning and night.

SKII Whitening Source: The SKII Whitening Source is great for skin that’s seen a bit too much sun and has developed sun spots, freckles etc. The SKII Whitening Source really did work miracles on my skin within 2-3 months of using it.  I even tested it on the back of one of my hands – after a month, the back of the hand with the Whitening Source had become a lot clearer and smoother looking than the other hand – no word of a lie. So I continue to use it and continue to love it.

So…all in all, the SKII range of products I have been using has done wonders for my skin. I would highly recommend them to anyone. After a month of using them I saw results, after a couple of months I saw great results and after three months, people started commenting on how good my skin was looking.  I can definitely say I’ve noticed a huge difference in skin that unfortunately hasn’t been well looked after over the years! I’m making up for it now with SKII! But the beautiful thing is I get my SKII at almost half the retail price buying them on eBay. 

To ensure you’ve got peace of mind when it comes to purchasing any of the SKII range of products on eBay, there are a few safety tips to always follow when purchasing:

  • Get to know your seller: check your seller’s eBay Feedback Rating and positive, neutral and negative comments left by other members of the community.
  • Pay Safe: Use PayPal – it’s the safest way to pay online! And PayPal has a Buyer Protection Program where you may receive a payment of up to $1,500 where an item has been purchased using PayPal and it was not received or was significantly not as described

You should visit the online security centre for more great tips on trading safely on the Internet and on eBay!

Enjoy your SKII range of products from eBay!!!

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