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You can change your mind at any time and cancel your bid seconds before any auction ends!!


It will change the way you shop on eBay!

Why snipe (bid in the last seconds) rather than use eBay's traditional bidding?

* Win items at a lower cost since no one will have time to outbid you. If you bid a long time before the end, eBay will email the previous high bidder to let them know they've been outbid so they will most likely come back and outbid you causing the price to increase, this software prevents this and often pays for itself on the first use

* Increase your chances of winning since people wont have time to outbid you!

* You can decide to remove your bid up to the last minute since it is only sent to eBay in the last seconds

* Auction sniping

* Auction monitoring

* Notifications of activity of watched items or items with scheduled bids

* Import watched items from eBay

* List filter to show only the items you want (active, won, lost, etc)

* Leave notes for items

* Supports international eBay websites

* And Lots More

No hidden fees or monthly costs.

Guaranteed to not contain any spyware or adware.

Also works as a fully featured web browser optimized to make browsing eBay faster & easier!


"Just wanted to say a big Thank You! I purchased your SNIPER AUTO BIDDER 2 weeks ago, and already it has paid for itself 5 times over. Now I don't have to stay up, bleary-eyed, to place a last minute bid. It's worth every cent for the ease and convenient way it works. Thanks again for offering a Great program. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you've put into making Sniper Auto Bidder and especially Genie Auto Sniper Bidder Pro - This is my preferred Sniper - I love that Genie Auto Sniper Pro has the ability to search Mispelt Listings and Bargain Listings, not to mention being able to search for the absolute cheapest item listed on ebay for any particular item you are searching for. It just doesn't get easier to bid on E-Bay. You've got a satisfied user for life! Again, Thank you for an excellent, reasonably priced, and totally useful package!"

What are bid groups?

With bid groups, you can find several listings of an item you want, add them all to be sniped and place them in a group. Place bids from lowest to highest for the auction ending the soonest to the latest respectively (for example, a $30 bid on the listing ending in 2 hours, a $35 on the one ending in 17 hours, and a $40 on the one ending in 1 day). By doing this, the software will attempt to win the first one at your lowest bid, if it wins, all other bids in the group are canceled, if you're outbid, it will try to win the second one and so on. This can double your savings compared to using only normal sniping and saves you even more time!

Very easy to use

Its so simple to use that anyone, including novice computer users can be using it within minutes without even having to read instructions, thanks to the user friendly interface and wizards which make installing and setting up a snipe as simple as entering your maximum bid! It will even automatically retrieve the item details and do the rest.


* Set event notifications for items (new bids, available qty changes, specified amt of time left, price exceeds specified amount)

* Notifications of sellers with poor feedback or who do not accept PayPal in built in browser

* Import watched auctions from "my eBay"

* Bid group support (group several auctions of an item you want, and the software will automatically attempt to win one after the other in the group until one of them is won at your maximum bid or less, and then cancels bids on the other items in the group, this prevents from having to wait and see if you are outbid and then find another item)

* Built in tabbed web browser (open multiple web pages and switch between them in a single click)

* Thumbnail photo of items shown in list to help easily recognize items without having to read titles

* Shipping cost shown in item list

* Favorites menu allows you to add your favorite pages such as searches, sellers, or any other webpage

* New easier to use interactive items list, one click access all options

* Powerful filter option allows applying one or more filters seeing only the items you want (bidding, won, ended, including any combination)

* Fully supports using international eBay websites

* Ability to leave notes for items

* Three view modes (list & browser, list only, browser only)

* Auto Scroll (automatically scrolls down pages and goes to next result pages to allow hands free browsing)

* Ability to bid as little as 1 second before the end (although this is not recommended due to how eBay prioritizes bids)

* Supports an unlimited number of eBay accounts

* Supports sniping, normal bidding, buy it now, watching and browsing eBay all in one convenient interface

* Smart error detection will automatically retry the snipe up to 5 times if it fails for any reason, ensuring maximum reliability

* Very simple to use, just click the add auction button while and auction page is displayed and enter your maximum bid

* Auction details (title, time left, current bid, etc.) will be automatically retrieved from eBay

* Support for multiple item listings as well as "Buy It Now" items

* Stays synchronized with eBay and refreshes on specified interval, works independently from your system clock, so it bids on time even if your system clock is incorrect.

* When an item is ending in less than 5 minutes, the program will refresh the details more often and ignore all items ending in more than 5 minutes to ensure all resources are available to bid on time

* Can be minimized to the system tray

* Built in search box to search eBay items from any page

* Works as a fully functional web browser, browse the web while monitoring your auctions

* Automatically signs in for you whenever eBay requests it

It really can pay for itself with your very first Snipe!


Check out our listed items for full details and purchase details if you are interested.


May all your purchases be bargains and all your Sales be Monsterous!

Daryl and Trish Evans
Storage Surplus Auctions

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