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Just don't do it folks !

If you think you are getting a bargain buying one of these items on ebay for under $50, let me assure you it is no bargain!

Folks please use this as some sort of guide.

soccer shirts & All blacks jerseys ; made by Nike - or Adidas. ... these items when made by the genuine manufacturer using the Authentic materials cost the manufacturer let's say for argument sake, $50, this is pretty close to thier actual cost. The materials have a lot of benefits over fake shirts. The first is the quality & durability & not always obvious. Second is the sticthing, also not always obvious, another is the smell, if your shirt smells after wearing it for a few hours or one day, it is fake, as genuine materials do not smell! You will also never be able to get a full size range in a soccer shirt. Ask the seller if they have or can get you sizes they do not have listed, more often than not they will only have size M - L & XL in soccer shirts at best! All Blacks jerseys you will find in XL & 2XL.

Sellers of fake items will not use the manufacturers name; re; Adidas in thier titles or descriptions, this helps make them stay invisible to Adidas & Nike security people searching for just those type of sellers.

Adidas & Nike cannot make a soccer shirt & sell it to me wholesale by the hundreds for less than around $70-80.

Stay safe folks & help us help genuine manufacturers in the fight against the importation & sale of non-genuine sports products!


cheers from sports-united online

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