SONY PLAYSTATION (PS1) Games: a guide to buying....

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Well now, being a seller of original playstation 1 games, I thought I'd type out a guide to these glorious black coated discs that all us retro gamers seem to love so much!


Your PS1 games will work on all of these consoles without a problem:


A lot of people still ask me:  Will my PS3 work with PS1 games?  The answer is YES.  I have done extensive research into this question, and all PS3's DO indeed play playstation 1 games.  The PS3 40gb version only has problems playing PS2 games, PS1 games WILL work fine though.

The most important thing to remember with playstation 1 games are these 2 terms:  PAL and NTSC

Games displaying a PAL logo will ONLY work on consoles in certain parts of the world which are:  Australia, NZ & Europe.  Likewise, games with NTSC displayed will ONLY work on consoles in these areas of the world:  Japan, Asia & USA.  You will find these logos displayed on the games covers, booklets and the discs themselves.

Buyers who purchase games should ALWAYS check the e-bay listing which should clearly state whether the game is PAL or NTSC.  If you are unsure, contact the seller, as they will be able to let you know.

However, if you happen to have a 'chipped' console (one that has had a mod chip installed), ANY game from anywhere in the world WILL WORK in that particular console


The discs themselves are quite durable, due to the black coating, which enables them to not wear out anywhere near as quickly as a conventional music cd or pc game.  They can also put up with quite a few scratches and still work quite perfectly (a good thing, as most kids are unaware of proper disc care).  If your disc does for some reason have some trouble working, the best way to fix this problem is to take them down to any video/dvd store and ask for them to be professionally cleaned (buffed).  There is usually a small fee of around $2 or so for this service, but it is almost a guarenteed fix.



Black label games are the ORIGINAL release versions of playstation games, this is how the games came out when first released on the market.  They are signified by having a black coloured stripe on the front cover of the game, black coloured spine, and the disc itself usually featured artwork (also known as a picture disc).  These are more highly collectable due to the lower number of them being sold versus the platinum copies (see below).



Platinum label games were released when the original black label games sales had reached 600,000 copies worldwide.  They are absolutley identical to the original game, except for a few cosmetic touches to the cover and the disc iteself.  Platinum games have a silver stripe on the front cover instead of the black stripe, with silver spine labels, and no artwork on the disc (just black writing on a plain looking disc).  These games are not quite as collectable as the black label copies due to the much larger quantity of them being sold.

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