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Many Ebay Shoppers are often ripped off by sellers because what they are selling is actually fake. Many sellers claim to sell items of such brands as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gucci, etc... but they are not real and the seller stands to make a profit of the $10 piece of junk that they bought which they are trying to pass off as one of these brands. When wanting to purchase an item that is expensive and can be classed as a designer brand ask the seller to send photos of everything, the items design, especially the label. Make sure the item comes in it's original packaging and make sure that the item has some sort of identification number, which will tell you if it is real or fake. Don't be the victim and pay large amounts of money for items that may be fake ask questions, research. AND REMEMBER LOOK AT THE TAG, IF IT IS NOT SPELLED CORRECTLY YOU KNOW IT IS A FAKE. Many cheap manufacturers do this, and it is perfectly legal but people do not realise it is fake. I myself have been caught out, i bought something which i thought was authentic but it wasnt. SO CHECK OUT THE ITEM BEFORE YOU BUY/BID on IT!!!

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