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Hi to all eBay people. We are starting to sell Second Books, CD's and DVD's. Here are my TIPS for getting a CLEAN START with your Store.
  1. Your Location.   We all live in a home, a unit, an apartment or in village. All the buyers live everywhere else in your Country or an other Country. The price of your product is what you want to sell it for PLUS the shipping cost. You have to make a study of shipping and postage in every area you want to ship to. After you have made or acquired your product, it's like a car with no wheels. if you can't ship it it is not for sale.  
  2. Your Product.  What ever you sell try your hardest to zero in on only three products hopefully all under one Category. If you sell everything you find at a Garage Sale, it means your products are spread over several Categories instead of one. You are dealing with a Search Engine first not a Buyer. If your product spread is too wide for the Search Engine to find let alone a buyer.
  3. Free Shipping. This is a must just like having a retail shop in shopping center or in with other retail shops, not in farm paddock. Asking the buyer to pay for postage is like asking them to come to your home to buy when they live hundreds of miles away. You just have to include the shipping cost to make the buying decision easy. The biggest thing in dealing with the eBay search engine is FREE POSTAGE puts you on top of your Category list. Buyers only look through 2 pages maybe 3, the further you go down the list you could end up on page 4. Also you are the shipping expert not the buyer, you should know the cost of postage in your Country.  
  4. Sales each Week. Aim for 15 sales a day or 100 a week. This amount will get you to $1000 turnover a week. This should give your $500 clear a week. if you can get to 100 sales it would mean you could get to 150 or 200 sales a week if that was your wish.
  5. eBay. This is a very large Search Engine, not a team of 20,000 people. Everything starts with the Sale. No sales no eBay, no sellers, no YOU. The millions of buyers and sellers come together on  computer screens World-Wide every second. In the middle of the SALE , the seller is not involved at all. If you are buying a car at a car yard, there is the car the buyer and the salesman. The Car Factory is not present, or the owner of the car yard. It's the buyer and the product on a computer screen in the buyers home , you the seller are not there.
  6. Your Shop. I suggest you put in one whole wall of shelves in a bedroom of your home. They need to be 8 Foot high and 2 foot deep. This is storage not a display area. the shelves should be 14 inches high. This will give you 21 areas 4 foot wide if you can use a room 12 foot wide.List the item then place it in a shelf section with a written note with everything in that section. Start your business in your home not your garage unless your Garage is insulated. You the new business owner need to be warm in winter and cool in summer, so do your products. It's more inclusive for partners to work in the home , not down the backyard in the shed.


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