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It has always been a bone of Contention on how Best to store CLOTH/Silk/Material Military or Forces Patches, I know what people are saying especially if I am shipping or storing Vietnam Silk patches as these are delicate & you can really stuff them up, Some people don't care however when I buy large collections I often find them Glued into place, I hate it. I just swapped a collection of Italian badges & the Chevrons were attached with cable tape which had semi melted through the cloth & they are rare RSI ones so reluctantly I did the trade. Of Course the whole point of this is to Display your Prize Collection I store my Patches in Folders with A-4 Plastic sheets with strong white card for support And then attach the Patch to the card (2 cards for both sides) I have done this for 30 years with NO ADVERSE AFFECTS of the cloth Patch, There are two types of Masking tape one with a stronger sticking power & the other for home painting when you want to cover skirting boards & furniture ect; it's much weaker & comes off easy even after a long time, I prefer to use this type, However I try to avoid putting the tape over a delicate part of the patch and just place small amount of folded masking tape (rolled) then torn in small amounts to hold the patch on the back embroidery avoiding the backing when possible. If for some reason the Patch feels sticky after been in a warm Environment the easiest way to get of is get another piece of masking tape & gently dab the offensive area and it will stick to the Piece of Tape & all will be fine (But Go Gentle). Ironing well no although they do say some patches with Plastic Backing are Iron on, I can't bring myself to do it. (I suppose I would wet the patch first before attempting to Iron. Hope this all helps as there's no real rule of thumb to store your Patches, There's always plastic sheets the ones for keeping Dollar Notes & the like, I have also been know to use CD plastic sheets for my round patches, They look OK. Best Regards Mike Triplea        
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