SUBWAY® Sub Club® Cards and Stamps

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NOTICE: The sale and/or resale of Sub Club Cards and Sub Club stamps is not condoned by Doctor's Associates Inc., owner of the SUBWAY(r) registered trademark. Subway Restaurant World Headquarters' policy states that Sub Club Cards and Sub Club stamps are not for sale, not for resale, have no cash value and are non-transferable.

Sub Club Cards and Sub Club stamps are distributed for menu purchases only. Cards and stamps distributed for reasons other than in-restaurant menu purchases shall be considered null and void. This includes but is not limited to cards and stamps sold over the internet. This policy is designed and enforced to reward Subway Restaurant customers for their patronage.

Participating Subway Restaurant franchisees are directed by policy to only honor cards and stamps earned for purchasing in-restaurant. Thus, ANY card or stamp purchased or obtained on eBay is invalid and should be considered fraudulent, null and void.

Please do not fall victim to what some sellers on eBay or similar auction sites may tell you, often they are simply not familiar with our policy, we can assure you, whether you are paying for cards, stamps, or a seller's "time and services," these transactions are outside of our program design. Claiming that stamps are "free" is an attempt to deceive potential buyers.

Distribution in violation of the policy described above only serves to cheat our customers as well as our Subway Restaurant franchisees who stive to provide only the highest standards of service to those who choose to visit our restaurants.

Doctor's Associates Inc., is currently working with eBay to address this type of fraudulent activity and taking action against those responsible when circumstances dictate.


Doctor's Associaties Inc.

Subway World Headquarters

325 Bic Drive

Milford, CT 06461


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