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Hi all, I had a rather hairy time buying an IPod for my daughter off Ebay. As a result I thought I should share my experience and help others to successfully and safely buy an IPod off Ebay.

It took me three attempts, the first two were frauds and thankfully Ebay's quick intervention prevented me from losing my $500.On my third attempt, I thoroughly checked the Sellers FEEDBACK and clicked on previous items sold, (a hint here: if the previous items do NOT show, it could be a shonky seller, beware.) I checked the Sellers Ebay joining date and I checked the Sellers previous Ebay user names. I chose the COD option for payment and ended up having  some very heated emails with the seller when he realised that I had meant Australia Post COD but, after a lot of 'communication' and a very detailed explanation to the seller about how to send Australia Post COD, my daughters IPOD arrived safe and sound and I was able to leave the seller Positive Feedback which should ALWAYS be the aim.I also bought a Laptop for my daughter and paid with Australia Post COD and had a successful time.

Also, when buying accessories, check that the PLUGS are for Australia.

SO the key points to remember are:

1) Email the seller FIRST and ask if they will accept Aust Post COD(the safest and cheapest delivery method).    

2) Thoroughly check out the Sellers Feedback, Previous Usernames,  Previous Items for sale and the date they joined Ebay.If they joined within a couple of days of listing, be a little wary if any others of the above do NOT match up.

3) Remember that Ebay DOES watch out for you but, ultimately it is up to YOU as the buyer to do your homework.  

4) DO NOT pay INSTANTLY . Hold your payment off for at least two days (email the seller and say u will pay in 2 days time ) and that way if the seller is being watched by the Ebay Fraud team it will give them the time required to email u telling u NOT to pay and that it was a dodgy deal...

Don't be turned off, we ended up with a 60G video IPod for under $500 which is a Fantastic buy....

Happy IPod buying...                                   

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