Safe coins storage and handling

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To some people safe coin storage means a wallet or a purse or the old cookie jar, but when it comes to storing rare or scarce or a valueable coin(s) the safest way to protect the coins original lustre or patina or stop the coin from being further damaged from poor handling e.g. knocks, bumps, scratches which can and will reduce the grade and value of the coin(s); is to firstly reduce handling of the coin(s), the safest way for a novice is to use quality unbleached gloves because the acid which is in your skin will stain coins even to the extent of leaving fingerprints, also pick-up/hold coin on the outer edges or rim and don't wipe avoid touching surface of coin.  The second important point is to store the coin in a quality correct sized 2x2 coin holder acid free (e.g. 32.5mm = 50 cent, the correct size reduces coin movement) which is commonly used by professionals in the industry and are well known as the best singular trading storage available; another good storage is a sheet system acid free that can house a collection without the use of individual coin holders.  The coins should then be stored in a specific coin album/binder to limit the amount of movement of the collection.  The most important factor is to place the collection in a stabilized environment free from exposure to moisture or humidity.
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