Safest easiest steps to buying on ebay!

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Buying on Ebay!

Many people think that online buying is extremely difficult, mostly unsafe, but not with ebay! Secure steps and methods are used to ensure that you will recieve the best availble customer service and at any time, if there is a problem, you are covered!

So theres no loosing game here.

First, as recommended on ebay, sign up for a free account with paypal. And get verified!

As a seller, i prefer customers who are verified on paypal, this makes the seller more comfortable, and aware that you are trustworthy.

Next, make a bid on the item you like, or just simply buy it now if there is an option.

You can then make a fast instant payment through paypal, using your account, or if seller doesnt offer paypal, you can pay using direct deposit.

If you are using direct deposit, the easiest way is net banking. So dont waste time! Start shopping on Ebay today!

Its simple, do the right thing.

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