Safety Tips in Hiking Camping Bushwalking or Outdoors

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For a Better and More Enjoyable Hiking Experience You Must Know the Safety Tips

Australia boasts of  natural wonders that will definitely leave you in awe. It doesn't come as a surprise that people have turned to hiking not only as a source of exercise but as a way to take in nature's beauty. Australia has a lot of hiking trails abailable

but before you choose which trail to follow, you must remember the following safety tips for a better and more enjoyable hiking or camping experience:


1. Inform people at home where you are going and when you are coming back. If you get into some kind of trouble and don't get back when you're supposed to, people will know where to find you.

2. Stick together when hiking in groups and walk in a single file to  avoid widening the track. The strongest hiker must be at the end of the line but can hear the person at the head of the line.

3. In the event that you get lost, find a shelter but make sure it's easy to find so that rescuers can come to your aid right away.

4. If you are hiking alone and will meet strangers, let them know that you are part of a group to discourage any motives. You never know what kind of people you meet along the way.

5. If you come across a snake, leave it alone but be careful because it may have a mate in the area. Making plenty of noise minimizes the chance of accidentally stepping on one but be sure that your noise won't make too much disruption on the environment.

6. If ou should camp, stay away from dry creek beds no matter how nice and flat they are. The government may decide to open a dam or a distant storm may bring in flood.

7. As much as possible, stay on the marked tracks and stay in the middle of it.


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