Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Buying Guide

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Buying Guide

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the successor to the enormously popular Galaxy S3 smartphone. The popularity of the Galaxy S series of smartphones is reflected in the amount of accessories that can be bought for the devices. Cases are among the most sought after accessories, and the following guide shall examine the different types of cases that can be bought. This guide will also explain how to find a desired case on eBay.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

There is a very large variety of cases that can be bought for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and different styles of case offer the buyer different features. The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch touch screen and is 130g in weight. The device can be described as delicate, and dropping the smartphone could easily damage it. As a result, many people search for protective cases that will keep their smartphone safe from damage. The design of the Galaxy is relatively minimalistic, and some people look to buy designer cases that will add to the aesthetic value of the device. The best way for buyers to find a suitable case is by deciding what is needed from the case, and researching what is available. The following are the most commonly bought types of Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases on the market today.

Designer Cases

As previously mentioned, the design of the Galaxy S4 is quite minimal and basic. While this might appeal to some, others will inevitably long for a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing design. Those who do should search for designer cases, and there is a multitude to choose from. Designer cases come in a range of colours, styles and designs, and can be made from materials including plastic, rubber, neoprene, metal and wood. Buyers can choose from cases displaying works of art, cultural icons, or their favourite sports team. Some of the more expensive designer cases feature more than one material, and it's possible to buy cases that have been adorned with semi-precious stones.

Protective Cases

Although there are more designer cases than protective models, most people search for a case for their Samsung Galaxy S4 for protective purposes. Protective cases can be made from soft materials that are good at absorbing impact like silicone, or harder materials like steel that can withstand blows. Protective cases are generally quite reasonably priced, and can be bought in a number of styles and colours.

Armored Cases

Buyers who need the most protection possible for their smartphone are advised to search for armored cases. These are typically made from carbon fibre or reinforced plastic, and some models are able to withstand two tons or force. Many armored cases are waterproof as well as being dustproof and drop proof. The strength of armored cases varies, and buyers should remember to check the description box on the item page of a listing for exact details regarding this information.

Leather Cases

Leather cases are available in many different designs. Wallet cases allow the buyer to keep their smartphone, cards and money all in one place. Holster cases provide decent protection and are attached to the buyer's belt allowing for easy access. Flip cases are very popular and have a flip down design that keeps the device clean from dirt and dust. Both faux and real leather cases are available, and buyers can choose from a range of finishes.

Buying Galaxy S4 Cases on eBay

All buyers are advised to use eBay for their smartphone needs. The site has an unrivalled selection of smartphones and smartphone accessories for sale at affordable prices. Buyers interested in purchasing a case for their Galaxy S4 smartphone should first head When the homepage has loaded, buyers can then click on the Mobile Phones & Accessories link found in the Electronics drop down menu in the list on the left hand side of the page. On the following page, click on the Cases, Covers, Skins link found in the Mobile Accessories tab. When the listing page has loaded, click on the For Samsung filter, found under the Compatible Brands heading, which is located in the Categories table to the left. Simply type the name of the desired case into the search bar and press enter e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Wallet Case.

Buyers should also visit eBay Deals, a section of the website that sells products at a reduced price. eBay Deals is constantly updating its stock, which includes smartphone accessories and cases. To find the relevant page buyers should first click on the Deals link at the top of the page followed by the Mobile Phone Accessories title under the Phones grouping in the Electronics drop down menu.


People buy cases for their Galaxy S4 for a variety of reasons; some want to protect the device from potential falls, while others wish make their device visually pleasing. Whatever the reason, buyers will find that eBay hosts the best selection of Galaxy S4 cases on the Internet, at prices lower than those in phone stores or on specialist sites.

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