Samsung e715 Remote Unlock Instructions FREE INFO! = )

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I won one of these unlock codes for $15 here on eBay on Sept. 8th.


They simply never sent me an unlock code and the second I asked them refund me the charges they sent it to Me with an email saying that no refunds would be issued since they sent me the code (a week late) so since I had to pay for it Ill give it to anyone for free!

                                                                            I bet they'll hate me for this but oh well.  My gift to YOU!

                                                                                                     Happy Holidays 2007!


Unlock for a Samsung E715

Samsung e715 Remote Unlock Instructions:-

1. Switch OFF your phone.
2. Put in a SIM of a different network provider.
3. Now turn your phone back on. You will see an error message saying "Wrong Card".
4. Type *#9998*3323# in to your phone.
5. If you've entered the code correctly as outlined in the Step 4, you shall see a screen telling you to press exit. So hit the right soft key.
6. Now you will see a Menu of choices. Scroll down and select option 7 (“Jump to Null”). As soon as you select option 7, your phone will turn black and reboot itself. After your phone reboots, the SIM will be recognized and your SIM will work. (Please be patient while your phone reboots and DO NOT press any keys.)
7. Now, at your welcome screen type in *0141# and hit your call button! This will give you a message saying your phone is Personalized.
8. Power OFF your phone and insert your original SIM.
9. Once done, power ON your phone.
10. At the SIM Code prompt, it will ask you to enter a password. Type 00000000, (that is 8 Zero's). After you enter the code, hit "ok" and your phone should power up.

Your phone is unlocked!!!
You can now put the SIM of your choice into the phone and use it at your will! Without ANY RESTRICTION!!!

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