SanDisk 3D Holographic Sticker (Unique Serial Number)

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How to identify genuine SanDisk 3D Hologram golden Sticker against Fake!

A very high number of eBayers have been deceived by inferior quality, unpopular, cheap flash memories as a very high percentage of all 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and even 32GB flash memories listed on eBay are counterfeit items which many have fake capacities. Many unpopular and slower speed Compact Flash are being rebadged as "SanDisk" Extreme III and Extreme IV CF for quick profit.

Since October-2006, eBay has decided all sellers could no longer hide their BAD feedbacks. Simply enter seller's eBay ID and watch for Negative/Neutral feedbacks wordings such as 'fake' and 'counterfeit' before buying at

This article covers the detail of the golden 3D Hologram Sticker with unique SanDisk Serial Number that are found across the entire paperback retail package of SanDisk flash memory product. Alternate to 3D Hologram sticker, SanDisk has also implemented two (2) internally hidden UPC security tags for product identification by bar code scanner or magnetic scanner as those you find in the retail store. If your SanDisk retail package product is missing any of these security implementation, it could be counterfeit SanDisk. Continue for detail below...

NOTE: Starting from JUL-2008 SanDisk is ceasing the use of the 3D-Hologram sticker / UPC security tags on all its genuine products... (Don't know the main reason behind, probably for saving cost...)

For other flash memory product

3D hologram really means it is three dimensional hologram. The appearance of the 3D object changes when you tilt the sticker from one angle to the other, from left to right or from upper to lower. These photos below were taken from SanDisk Cruzer Titanium USB Flash Drive, SanDisk SDHC, SanDisk Ultra II CF and SanDisk Extreme IV CF range of products.

Note that we have embossed all the photos taken with our 1800Memory eBay ID to prevent other people from stealing our photos!

SanDisk 3D Hologram Sticker & Ducati Corse Sticker

  • There is BIG sparkling 'STAR' sign at the top right hand corner of the rectangular block with embedded 'SanDisk' wording and 'Logo'.
  • Genuine SanDisk contains 10 DIGIT UNIQUE SanDisk Serial Number. The serial number DOES NOT REPEAT on any other identical item or other SanDisk flash memories. All fake SanDisk displays identical serial number if you purchase an additional identical item.
  • For genuine SanDisk Extreme III and Extreme IV professional range of products including (CF, SD/SDHC & MSPD), the retail package may also have an extra Ducati Corse Official Sponsor sticker. All counterfeit SanDisk Extreme range will lack these 2 stickers.
    • An exception to this rule, is SanDisk bundled pack with 2 individual retail products in one bundle = Extreme IV Firewire Reader + Extreme IV Compact Flash Card. The 3D Hologram sticker will only be on the outer retail bundled packaging paper and NOT on the individual retail packaging paper.
    • All counterfeit SanDisk Extreme IV range are usually NOT shrink-wrapped with polymer plastic film and DOES NOT include a little clear plastic handle attached outside the shrink-wrapped film.


SanDisk 2 UPC Security Tags

  • These security tags are found on the newer fully sealed plastic blister package as well as paperback retail package replacing the 3D Hologram sticker.
  • Genuine SanDisk has 2 hidden UPC security tags (one is 40mm x 40mm and one is 45mm x 10mm) metal strip shields on the inner face of the retail box or the retail paper inserts. Some have product bar codes and some don't. These security strips contain information related to a particular SanDisk product. To see the magnetic circuitry, you need to shine it against bright backlight.
  • ALL fake SanDisk retail products have NONE of these tags so you can identify fake almost instantly upon opening the retail pack and check inside.
                Normal view                 - Circuitry revealed against bright backlight

3D Hologram Tilted View at an Angle

  • A genuine SanDisk 3D Hologram sticker actually embeds a rectangular block that looks like a Rectangular Dice with dots on all 4 vertical side faces.
  • If you tilt the 3D Hologram sticker at an angle, for serial numbering starting with '05....'you should see One (1) Black Dot on the left vertical face (shorter end) of the rectangular block and Three (3) Black Dots on the upper vertical face (longer end) of the rectangular block. Tilting towards the other diagonal, you will see Two (2) Black Dots on the right vertical face (shorter end) of the rectangular block and Four (4) Black Dots on the lower vertical face (longer end) of the rectangular block.
  • For serial numbers starting with '07...' and '08...',  SanDisk has fully REVERSED the effect of the Dots on all the 4 Vertical Faces, so instead of Black Dots on Shinny Vertical Faces, the new 07 effect is Shinny Dots on Black Vertical Faces. This is a required change in fighting against counterfeiting items by using new polarity phase shift!
  • Also for serial numbers starting with '07....' and '08...', there is an Additional bright SanDisk logo that appears underneath the rectangular block!! You will ONLY able to SEE this effect under very bright direct sunlight at a particular angle.
  • Older fakes hologram sticker is not 3D and does not contain these 1 to 4 Dots on each vertical faces! Newer fakes have catch-up and are being reported to have changing serial numbers with 3D faces.


    Previous ' 05....' polarity effect ( black dots on shinny faces)     


      New '07....' polarity effect (shinny dots on black faces)

Sequential SanDisk Serial Numbers View

  • Here is a picture showing 3 sequential unique serial numbers from SanDisk 4.0GB Ultra II Compact Flash, 2 sequential unique serial numbers from SanDisk 2.0GB Ultra II Compact Flash retail packs.

Contact SanDisk to register your product serial number

  • We ALWAYS advise users upon receiving their items, to immediately contact your local SanDisk support and submit your "unique serial number" to register your product. If you have a fake SanDisk, either the serial number is not unique (which means it may already be registered with SanDisk previously) or the serial number is entirely incorrect.
  • To register with SanDisk please refer to
  • To contact SanDisk and check if your serial is number is genuine please refer SanDisk contact phone number in your country below.
  • The best method to verify your card authenticity is to compare your card's physical characteristics with all the genuine SanDisk cards presented above and also test the card's performance data against SanDisk product specifications.

Contact SanDisk counterfeit hotline

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