Sandpit Buying Guide

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Dig a Hole Lot of Fun!


Sand pits are one of the most popular outdoor toys, letting your children’s creativity run wild digging, building and making shapes in the sand. Whether you’re after the classic square sand pit or a novelty shaped one they are the perfect outdoor toy for any garden.


There is a huge range of sand pits available made of wood or plastic, varying in size and height with some offering a section for water play. This guide will help you find the perfect sand pit for your children.


Which size sand pit do I need?

Sand pits entertain children for many years from a very early age. So it’s worth investing in a good quality wooden sandpit that is big enough for your toddler to grow into. Remember, the larger the sand pit the more imaginative fun your kids will have, so buy as big as you can.


Do I need a cover for my sand pit?

A cover provides vital protection against animals getting into your sand pit. It will also stop the sand getting wet or blowing around the garden in the wind. Most sand pits are supplied complete with covers but check before you buy.


Wooden Sand Pits

Wooden sandpits are suitable for those who want a natural looking environment. Larger sizes are available which mean more kids....and more fun!
Make sure you buy a wooden sand pit which is FSC certified – this shows that the wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. It should be made from pre-treated wood as this will allow you to leave it outside in the winter and reduce the maintenance required.


Sand and Water Play

Young children love splashing around in the water, and with a sand and water table it combines two great ways to develop your child’s imagination and creativity in a healthy outdoor environment.


Most sand and water tables have two separate compartments. Each section will have an appropriate liner allowing children to mix sand and water play. Alternatively some tables are fitted with a liner which is suitable for either. So, your sand table can easily double up as a water table. A great idea if you are short on space!


How must sand do I need to buy?

The amount of sand required to fill your sand pit is difficult to estimate and will vary greatly depending on how deep you feel is appropriate. A guideline should be offered in the product description, however if you’re in doubt then ask the manufacturer. You should also ensure you use washed play sand which is suitable for use in children’s sand pits - these can be purchased from toy stores, DIY stores and some department stores.

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