Saratoga Spinning Fishing Reel Buying Guide

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Saratoga Spinning Fishing Reel Buying Guide

Here at Direct-Shop-Auctions we have a lot of experience selling fishing tackle. As one of the largest eBay retailers of fishing products in the world, we have excellent knowledge of Saratoga fishing reels and rods. This guide is designed to provide assistance in identifying the best Saratoga spinning reel for you, and includes information about construction, bearings used, and the best types of fishing for each reel size. 

The Saratoga brand and product

Saratoga reels and rods (like most of today's fishing reels and rods) are manufactured in China. Saratoga products are manufactured by some of China's largest manufacturers, producing many of the world's leading brands. Therefore, for the prices paid on eBay, these reels can offer fantastic value for money.

Specifications of Saratoga fishing reels

Saratoga reels are designed with quality components, and designed to last. The important features to look for (and often set this product apart from the rest) are :

  • Stainless steel ball bearings
    • Each reel is fitted with stainless steel ball bearings. Stainless bearings offer better rust resistance than plain steel bearings. This is an important feature to look for when buying reels on eBay.
  • A high number of ball bearings
    •  Typically 10 to 12 bearings per reel are fitted to all transmission points. This ensures that any points on the reel that are under stress when in use will be smoother in operation and last longer.
  • Instant anti reverse
    • Much more effective than multistop anti reverse (a cheaper manufacturing option).
  • Computer balanced rotor system
    • Each reel is CAD designed on sophisticated computer systems and computer balanced for smooth operation. This is a must have for your reel.

Types of spinning reels

Saratoga reels come in a variety of styles including:

Sizes and uses of spinning reels

Reels come in a variety of sizes, from 20 series to 70 series.

  • 20 series - 30 series reels
    • 20 and 30 series reels are designed for freshwater use and light saltwater fishing. They are ideal for fish species such as whiting, bream, bass, flathead, carp and more.
  • 40 series - 50 series reels
    • These reels are slightly larger in size and are predominantly useful for larger freshwater fish/fishing and for saltwater fishing (from boat or pier).
  • 60 series - 70 series reels
    • These reels are best suited for boat, surf or rock fishing. Typical fish caught with these reels are snapper, mulloway, kingfish, salmon and other fighting fish. The 70 series reel size is most often used for surf or beach fishing as it is a larger size.

About us

Direct-shop-auctions is a 'Powerseller' and a member of eBay Australia's 'Top Seller' program. We are also a member of PESA (Professional eBay Seller's Alliance) which represents over 900 sellers, $1USD billion a year in sales and over 70 million transactions on eBay.

Direct-shop-autcions is an experienced retailer of fishing spinning reels.

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