Save 70% on postage by packing small items as letters

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You can save up to 74% by sending small items as letters, instead of parcels. Your total savings will depend upon the size and weight of the item(s).

Large Letter Rates

  • Under 125g = $1.20
  • 126-250g = $1.80
  • 251g-500g = $3.00

Parcel Rates

  • Under 250g = $4.55
  • 251-500g = $5.80

In order to qualify as a large letter, the item must have a maximum thickness of 20mm and the envelope or satchel must fit within the bounds of 260mmx360mm, although you may find that you local postal centre allows a small amount of discretion on these measurements.

So, if you can pack your items so that they qualify as large letters, you can save huge amounts on postage, and because the items will probably be small enough to fit in a customers letter-box, your customers will have their items delivered, and they probably won't have to visit the post office to collect a parcel.

For items under 125g

Pay $1.20 instead of $4.55 - Save 73.6%

For items under 250g

Pay $1.80 instead of $4.55 - Save 60.4%

For items under 500g

Pay $3.00 instead of $5.80 - Save 48.2%

You might also make savings if you can split or combine your items, to take advantage of the various letter rates.

Please consider our courier bags for packing items as letters. They're tough, light-weight and most of them fall within the large letter dimensions.

Save on postage, and don't forget to pass the savings on to your customers. You'll be more competitive on price, and you should highly in Detailed Seller Ratings for Postage Costs.

Always pay the right amount of postage, and pack your items appropriately. You don't want your customers to receive damaged items or have them charged any postage shortfalls.

If you have any suggestions or experience on how to save on postage, please let us know.

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