Save Money Listing Your Items!!

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Yes!  You could save money on items you are listing!

Search 'Fee Structure' in eBay Help pages for full info.

Basically, if the start price of your item is between £0.01 - £0.99 you will be charged £0.15 insertion fee.  If the start price is £1.00 - £4.99 it will be £0.20, and so on ...

So the difference between starting your item at £0.99 and £1.49 is a saving of £0.05!

Doesn't sound much, but if like me you have a large number of listings, it very soon mounts up to a substantial sum.

You may be thinking, 'but if I start at £0.99 instead of £1.49 I'm losing £0.50'.  I find the majority of items priced at £0.99 are more attractive to buyers, and will usually receive more bids, and subsequently sell for more money.

Also consider that this is the lower end of the scale.  If your items are worth more, the savings could also be noticably more.

For example, I've seen people selling items with a start price of £30.00, nothing wrong in that, but their inserion fee will have been £1.50, as opposed to £0.75 with a start price of £29.99!!

So by lowering their start price by just 1p they'd have saved £0.75!!

I hope that this guide was of some help to you.

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