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I have recently been using Temando, to trial temando shipping with eBay sellers.
As such we have spent the last few weeks intensively trialing the temando eBay system. (I am happy for you to use my code ( A0216 )when you create your account - which will give you a 10% shipping discount and you can email me directly to check the affiliate link is connected between us, just send me all your details & I will forward to temando for you)

I'm happy to share my findings here with you (Please note, I don't work for temando, just speaking as a user of theirs who now has a bit of support and assistance).

A few eBay sellers have asked me to share some info' so here's what I have know and you can decide if you think it would work for you.

Temando is a shipping broker, they liaise with a variety of shipping companies.

Satchels are FREE - you just pay when you ship them and they are really big so you can fit many items in them.

Pick up from your door is also FREE

If you are shipping items using Aust Post under 500gms or letters, AP will probably still be cheaper - however if you want seller protection with PayPal and the ability to track your parcels, you will need to register them all and once you do that temando works out much the same.

However the service is better and a lot of the work is automated for you once you get it going.

Once your items are over 500gms they become cheaper, considerably cheaper in some cases.

You get parcels up to 500grams around $8 with AAE via Temando. And this is the only satchel rate that is more expensive than AP. It is express however. All other satchel rates are at least the same or even cheaper than AP, and they're all express compared to AP's regular.

You may need to apply to temando to get all the couriers you want logged on.

we've been using them for around a year now, but the time it takes to manually enter all details in was too long and we only used them when we had to.

They have now introduced eBay easy and eBay professional

At this stage you can only hook up 1 to your eBay store, however they are liaising with eBay to see if it is possible to backend both or (fingers crossed) for eBay to waive the fees on the 2nd store for the sellers.

The difference is mainly the weight of items shipped.
eBay easy for everything say up to 20kgs (maybe more) and then eBay professional for heavier items.

Here's how it works:
Log in to
up the top is a link called "eBay shipping"
click that and create an account

(we had quite a few bugs to fix in my account, but ironed most of them out)
Once your account is established, you will be able to log in (you need to allow access in your eBay account and also sign in with your eBay password, this doesn't give them access to your eBay account, just permission to download the CSV files to pull shipping info)

I also suggested we needed to see the buyers user ID and email - both added in immediately.

The only other thing I am still pushing for here is the ability to see the item title so you know the weight and aren't cross referencing back to eBay.

Select the item you wish to ship ( there will be 2 links once the item has been paid for, nothing to select if not yet paid, so you don't accidently ship unpaid items)
"cancel or process"
select process and check all details are correct.

My glitches here: I still need to manually add my phone number and sometimes the buyers ph # is missing and I need to add mine there too. (although this is working on getting fixed)
Select box or satchel (if satchel just set size at 10X10X10), select weight and agree then click through.
You will now be given a selection of shipping options you can choose from and the associated prices

You choose the one you want and click on it, you will then be given a printable pdf file all bar coded you print out, stick on the box, pop outside your door and they will collect tomorrow.

Now here's the bit I luuuurve about it.
We were on account with AP, so had an $11 pick up each time we shipped
1. that's gone - no pick up fee, even for 1 item
2. in eBay the item is now marked as sipped automatically and the tracking number applied

then if you click on the tracking number (live hyperlink) it shows this: (this is a sample from one of my customers shipped to Qld)

29 Jul 201100:00Freight Manifest Transmitted
01 Aug 201109:50North Warrandyte Picked Up from Sender
01 Aug 201120:23Melbourne DFPC Arrived at AaE Location for processing
02 Aug 201105:10Brisbane Airport Arrived at AaE Location for processing
02 Aug 201108:45Brisbane DFPC Onboard with courier driver for delivery
02 Aug 201111:29Fortitude Valley Delivered and signed by XXXX(buyer)

Pretty cool huh
If you are logged in to the courier company it will also show you a scan of the buyers signature if you want.

I was pondering the biggest time waster with my business and it was answering the "where is my item" question, only to find most of the registered parcels sitting in AP stores awaiting collection.

With this, the buyer can see every step of the way where their parcel actually is, they have the tracking number and can contact the courier if missing or late.
Also, notice it shows the time we logged the freight manifest, hence if there is a delay of a day or 2 they can see it's not our fault.

the only downfall of this thus far is that the items then still sit in the temando account, requiring you to 'cancel' them once shipped

I've timed clicking the cancel tab, it takes 6 seconds per item, so could be a drag if you have lots (just cleared all mine out)
So have sent an email to them re it taking around 30 minutes if you needed to clear out 300 per day
They are working on fixing it to a 1 click system.

What I am doing is printing out all my ebay invoices, sorting into 2 piles (1 of AP letter rates) the other for temando, printing all the temando papers and then once done, clicking cancel on everything so I don't accidently book the same postage twice for the 1 item.

The other thing I love is I was constantly spending $1000 with Aust Post for satchels, that sit here until I use them (the fact we are in a bushfire area also worries me re these)

temando will give you as many AAE satchels as you like in 2 sizes for FREE, you just pay as you use them.

the smaller size is a little bigger than the 500gm post bag, the next one about the size of the (huge) 5 kg express post bag.

Also unlike AP, you can select 500gm, 1 kg, 3kg and 5 kg, so if your item is only 500gm but big, it just goes in the big satchel, 1kg, you pay 1kg not AP 3 kg.

I can really see a big change for the better in our business.
Naturally if you are on courier contract, you'd need to weigh those costs up yourself and see what works better for you, however, this is cheaper for us than account rates and no pick up fees, which means we can now ship daily not twice a week and things arrive in 1-2 days not 1-6 with AP.

I'm still using AP for letter rates and small post bags, but I just add a stamp and drop these in the post box, so don't need a pick up for those. All else done through temando.

Most of the rates I've used have been $8-$12 per parcel.
If you're shipping a few - say 50+ per week, fastway rates come down to $3.85 up to 25kgs metro
500gm around $5.45, 1kg $5.45, 3kg $8.35, 5kg $9.82
(pretty much Australia wide, may be a little more when you first begin, but that should give a ball park figure)

How to pay temando:
You can use a credit card each time you book(additional 2% fee)
You can apply for an account
You can add a credit card to your account which is automatically debited a pre set amount each time it whittles down, eg - mine is set at $200, they debit $200 and then I get a running total of it counting down for each booking until it gets to $0, then it debits another $200
(2% discount applies to this method)

Temando have made an offer of a permanent 10% shipping discount to any of my 'friends' from any of their rates.

All you need to do is email me your details
Name, email addy and user ID and I will forward it to them as one of my friends, just forward the details through eBay

(BTW - Just to clarify, I do not work for temando, I am not on their payroll or anything like that.
I have become friends with them as the CEO has been really wonderfully helpful to me and I am more than happy to assist them and you folks if possible. )


I'm not understanding the Register the package for PayPal protection. For PP, my understanding is that if you have tracking you are covered ... so it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be registered.

For seller protection, you will need stamped proof of the buyers name address and postcode, eg 5kg express post bag with tear off slip that has been stamped is ok, letter or express post / red bag will not cover you. If your courier has tracking that will be fine, however I was referring to standard AP which would need to be registered to have the above.

If temando are offering tracking & insurance cover at 1% of the package value then doesn't that cover PP requirements?
You don't need insurance with temando, as it's all trackable and therefore eligible

I also found I had to keep logging in ... this is time consuming as eBay also had me signing in again each time too.

I have to do this once at the beginning of a session - I think its fixed now.

Found having them say they would contact me was cause for amazement as they don't have my email address. Do they make contact through eBay?

Don't think so, sounds like a communication glitch
I had a bit of trouble getting through at one stage too, I have a couple of private numbers now.
On their phone line, don't press the ask for a quote button, I think it's 1
It hangs up on you
I think you need to press 3 or 4 (sorry can't remember)

Most likely a dumb question but who picks up your parcels? l did have a look around the web site but couldn't see anything about pick ups.
Where the site says 'partners', the page is under constructions.
Just interested if they cover very rural areas. l see the Aust Post logo there so maybe its through the post office in far flung places?

The pick ups are done by which ever company you choose, eg if you choose AAE then AAE will come and pick up
Yesterday I chose 3 different carriers as each was cheaper for the items sent depending on size and weight.
We packed them, labeled, dumped them outside in 3 clearly distinct piles and 3 different couriers popped in throughout the day and each collected their pile.

Temando don't work with AP, but their letter rate is pretty easy to work out.
I pack all ours up, then pop them on the scales one by one and add the appropriate stamps (just buy boxes of 100) and drop them in the local post box.
Anything over 500gm, I find the temando satchels cheaper than Aust post.

Just trialing a few prices for you. I just packed up a 1kg box, going from Warrandyte to Cheltenham, with my 10% discount and 2% discount for using a credit card account (pre debited) the parcel cost $7.90 with Australian Air Express

With AP, it would have been $7.70 + $2.50 to register
Just as an idea

Question re prices again & the 2% discount:

I get the 2% credit discount using eBay easy.
I sent 3 satchels this morning using AAE, they were all $8.06

I think Aust post 3 kgs is around $9 and it doesn't have tracking, but I agree for parcels up to 250gm AP is $5 so cheaper there (but no tracking, although I think there is a way to add AP tracking for $1.50)

I went to the PO this morning, bought a heap of $5 stamps for parcels under 250gms and 60c stamps for letter rate items eg 60c, $1.20, $3

Thanks for spending the time to do this Lesley.

Hope it assists, remember to tell them you are booking in under Lesley Mitchell as per Carl, which should apply the 10% discount, even for existing accounts and / or let me know and I will tell them for you.

I have now been assigned an affiliate code that will automatically give you the 10% discount on your temando account.
When you create an account, please use this code: A0216

That will link your account as one of my 'friends'
If you already have an account you can send me your details to forward.
If you wish to use only eBay easy, you don't have the option to enter a code, so just go ahead and sign up and send me your details to forward on for you.

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