Save on Energy Costs with 9 Easy Tips

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So you want to ease your footprints on the environment or simply want to save on your energy bills.  An easy way to do both is to reduce energy consumption.  The great thing is making just a few easy changes in your home can make all the difference, saving you and mother nature big time.

Here are some great tips to help reduce energy consumption whilst still keeping you nice and cosy this winter:

1.  Use the sun for free heat.  Just open your curtains for windows facing south during the day then wahla! You have natural heating all day.  As the sun goes down simply close your curtains to keep the warmth in.

2.  Bundle up with warm accessories.  Simply rug up!  You don’t need to turn that notch up on your heating.  Grab that comfy winter jumper and socks, put nice warm blankets on your couch and lay a rug down for insulation.

3.  Use Ceiling fans to your advantage.  The humble ceiling fan can be used to keep hot air down.  Turn your ceiling fan on low spinning clockwise.  Spinning it clockwise will push hot air downwards, trapping warmth inside.

4.  Adjust the most at night.  Flannel sheets and warm comforters are highly recommended, to keep you nice and warm when you go to bed.  By turning your heater down by 10-15 degrees over an 8 hour period, you can save around 10% on your heating costs annually.  Saving while you sleep!

5.  Only heat the rooms you use. Seal off vents in rooms you don’t use.  If you are not in there you don’t need to be heating up extra space.  Direct air flow to rooms you do use which could save you $200 a year.

6.  Keep your furnace clean and unblocked.  Check to make sure your furnace and vents are free from dirt that can block them.  Check your furnace filter every month and replace them when needed.  Keeping your furnace clean and unblocked will keep your wallet happy.

7.  Get a humidifier to add moisture to the air.  Moist air keeps you warmer as it holds heat better than dry air.  A humidifier can help by keeping the heat in so you can turn that notch on your heating down.  Having house plants around is another great way to increase humidity.

8.  Invest in insulation.  Escaping heat and cold air are massive culprates in raising your energy bills.  Get some cheap insulation.  Foam weather stripping is highly recommended for your windows and doors.  They are really easy to install, and are a fantastic way to keep the heat in while reducing your energy usage.

9.  Only use exhaust fans when necessary.  Switch off exhaust fans after use as they draw hot air out.  So after cooking up a storm or using the bathroom make sure they are turned off, and only use them when necessary.
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