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I bought a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses about 3 months back from this dude in Malaysia, his feedback when I won the item was 100% and he had sold many other pairs of the same sunglasses to different Ebayers around the world. Anyway, two months passed and I STILL did not recieve them. I'd paid nearly fifty dollars for them and being a student, thats a pretty big chunk out of my pay. I left him numerous amounts of messages, opened a buyer dispute for a non recieved item on PayPal and Ebay, still no word. I went back onto his profile and read his recent feedback only to find out I was not alone! Several other Ebayers had bought from him and had not recieved their items after months.This idiot has now cancelled his Ebay account and I still have not gotten my sun glasses or a refund. I wouldnt be suprised if he is still using Ebay with a new account. This is just a warning and a vent, that Ebay is full of people like this who continue to scam and rip-off the people who do not deserve it, the people who pay the money, do the right thing, and obey the policies. Its people like them that ruin it for us. And I am very peed off :-(

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