Scopedog ATM-09 ST

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Yesterday I bought the Scopedog kit, which amazed me after opening the box. So many parts with immense detail again. But unfortunately I can't start right away because I haven't finished the the Titan, which I decided to add some battle damage. The Zephyranthes is also still waiting to be painted and detailed. Therefore this kit is going to wait for a while.

The kit is 1/20 scale not like the Archangel or Titan, which are 1/100. Therefore the pilot is quite big in size and sits in the chest and the the big head section.

The Scopedog is an Armored Vehicle also known as VOTOMS Vertical One-man Tank for Offense and Maneuver S, which originates from the 52 episode animation series aired between 1984-1985.

The VOTOMS technology is lower compared to the Gundam mobile suits. Instead of laser guns and beam swords Scopedog uses projectiles and has to carry extra armor because it doesn't have any force shield or something similar. It has tank like features with the exception that it operates on two legs instead of tracks.    

The kit has enormous number of parts again and I have decided to add some serious battle damage, which will make this one especially outstanding. There is extra armor plating available , which are fitted with nuts via the  help of a screw pitch. I am really eager to see it finished.

As always the first thing I am doing is to wash the parts in container with detergent to get rid of any remaining dust and dirt to ensure a perfect finish job. The detergent is a conventional dish wash liquid that is available in Coles or Woolworths such as "Shining Fresh". The lukewarm water ensures that the detergent is better solved and any grease is removed from the manufacturing process.



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