Scrapbookers Beware its TOTALLY ADDICTIVE.

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Well as my kids would say " Mum, We need a bigger house". Yes thats right what started out as a hobby had completely over run our home. The office is now a scrapbooking room filled with goodies from here and around the world. Just beware Ladies no matter how much you have you will want more (sounds familiar). So I thought I would offer a few words of wisdom.

Start with the basics a set of cropping and journalling tools all good quality of course they will last better in the long run. You will also need an album to display your precious memories. The best tip I can offer here is buy 1 that allows you to add pages as your stories grow otherwise you will have so many albums you wont know where to put them. Having themes for the albums also helps such as Christmas, Birthdays, Grandchildren etc.

When buying scrapbooking items make sure you deal with sellers who allow you to combine post that way you will be able to buy a few extra things. Its also good to have a post office box if you can, that way your partner wont know how much money you have spent and you can just introduce your new item without him knowing.

Heres a few tips to help save pennies.

1. When cutting out shapes always save the little bit of paper left over- they always come in handy later.

2. When mounting photos on mounting paper always cut out the middle of the mounting paper- no point wasting this paper as its usually expensive and once again the bits leftover can be used later.

3. Always scan your photos especially if you only have 1 copy in case you make a mistake when cropping it.

4. Ideas magazines and crop talks are great for getting new ideas.

5. Its always more fun scrapping with friends we try to get together every chance we get. That way we are able to share tools and ideas.

6. Dont be limited to just pretty papers, there are lots of other bits and pieces available such as ribbons, buttons, etc.

7. When you page is completed spend a little extra for page protectors look after your precious memories.

8. Free Templates- Search the Internet for projects that preschool, kinder-garden, and 1st graders do! Teachers for those grades like to exchange resources on-line and will post up projects that they do with their little ones. So you can find really great, simple drawings of Jack-o-lanterns and turkeys, things like that. I recently found a great template for a Christmas tree.

9. Alphabet Stickers-I read this in a magazine once and it helped me a lot. To get your alpha stickers placed where you want them to go, put them half on wax paper with the tips sticking off. When they are lined up the right way, stick them on your paper and gently peel off the wax paper. Now your title or whatever you are doing will be the way you want it to be. Before applying your alphabet stickers to your layout, first line them up on a clear ruler, position them properly with only the bottom tip touching. Once you have the spacing correct, lay your ruler down on the paper and press them down.

Creative Memories also have a great tool called a Titletopia. You can also use this to align your letters. To purchase one you can visit my store.

10. Sticker Removal-If you ever need to remove a sticker after it has been placed on your layout use the backing paper that the sticker came on to help you. Gently slip the backing paper underneath the edge of the sticker and gently coax it of by wiggling the paper back and forth. The sticker will slowly relaese its grip as you work underneah it and it will usually come of without leaving a mark. You can often reuse the sticker.

11. Easy Journaling-Its sometimes hard to recall event or trip details if I'nm scrapping theirn layouts much later. To help remember details more clearly, take a small notebook alomg to special events and trips. At the end of the day, answer thesequestions and jot down any other things you want to remember like

Who did I spend time with today?
Where did we go?
What were the day's activities?
Did someone say something funny or meaningful?
Was the weather a factor? If so, how?
What were my feelings about the day?

When it's time to create the page layouts, journaling is a breeze! All you grab the notebook with your event/trip details.

There are also specialty paper such as vellum click here to view some interesting uses Using specialy papers.

Best of all happy scrapping and beware the scrapbooking bug.

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