Scrapping Your World

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Scrapbooking is an awesome hobby especially if you're like me and want to scrap everything for everyone else but froget about your own projects, because it's so much better to give, than to receive. So this hobby is a million dollar industry, what with the cost of all the materials that go into making those pages or pictures really stand out which adds depth and meaning to any ordinary page, picture or photo.Which brings me to the punch line, part of the name scrapbooking relates to it bring made (sometimes or if you wish), from scrap. No, not rubbish from your bin but that special something that marry with your page, picture or photo to give you an awesome and not so expensive end result. What I would like to share with you is that you don't have to buy the sometimes expensive(although they are very good and I use them myself), embellishments (all sorts of things to dress up your page) as there are so many to choose from and the variety is huge not to mention, getting bigger by the day. It all starts and ends with you and your imagination. Collecting was where I started, from old buttons to hair clips, to brass buckles and even bows or ribbon from gifts. This is where you can build up your resources, use things that are lying around the house (providing you have no use for them anymore), old school awards as a base for your childrens photo's and maybe winners ribbons etc. to add to your pages and make your pages not only stand out from the rest but even one-off's. For example a photo of my six children, myself and my husband just needed that little something to finish it off. My daughters old pair of jeans had some embroidered butterflies and flowers, so I cut them up and added them to the page. This photo now replaces the old boring one that used to just sit in a frame on the mantel. Your junk may actually be your next masterpiece in the making. Who knows you may even enjoy it. Join a group and give scrapbooking a go. Thanks alot for your time.Scrapbooking made easier

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