Screen Protector application

Like if this Guide is helpful

Hoefully this will help someone with the aplication on your screens of a worthwhile accessory for the screen on your device. 

Screen protectors keep your screen in good condition and clean.Have you ever seen a childs psp ? Absolutely covered in scratches.Would you rather replace a screen or a screen protector?

However you need to be carefull when applying them.Here are some tips i hope will help.

First of all try to keep your hands off the middle layer. My protectors are three layers.Wash your hands and even wear gloves if you like.Clean the screen on your device with clean water and dry with cotton cloth.Try to align it on your screen first without applying .This way you will have a better idea of how it will fit.Peel off the back layer first.Holding the sides carefully bend outwards keeping close to the screen without touching,now let the centre touch and work towards the edge trying not to create any air bubbles and then the other edge.If you do get bubbles try to lift it off slightly and then slowly apply toward the edges again.Use the card to smooth any persistent bubbles working them towards the edges and then peel off the top layer.Above all remember that all screen protectors are difficult to apply.My ones i have applied still have problems like dirt underneath and corners that lift.I keep using my card to smooth down problem corners but when powering up my devices i look at a very clear screen.Oh and use a lint free cloth to wipe them over if they get dirty or dusty and no Chemicals only water.

Peel one off when it gets worn out and you will be amazed at how new your screen looks.

Thank You 

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